Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Okay, so I feel like we're the last to get our Christmas Festivities blogged! Well here is the run down! We had a few Christmas Extravagansas! First at our Ward Chrsitmas Party that was like a week or two before Christmas.

Had a yummy dinner...Cohen met with Santa AGAIN :) still no tears...that's good...he just likes to pull on the mans beard. Poor Santa ;). Anyways, there was also a live nativity and a cool snow man game and a room for writting to our ward missionaries. It was fun. We have a lot of young couples in the ward that we are friends with and so it's never a dull moment.

Then on the Sunday before Christmas we celebrated with Jerry's family. We went Christmas caroling to a couple Nursing Homes. SO neat. We dressed Cohen up as a Snowman...and it was so freakin adorable!!!!
I let this one older lady hold him and it was kind of hard to get him back! She was kissin all over him and he just sat there and let her :) He's such a good baby. I wish I had a picture of the whole group....It was all of Jerry's brothers and sisters and his parents...
and they are a pretty musical we had lots of harmony and you can tell it brought so much joy to their christmas. We then went to Jerry's parents house for our Christmas lil' celebration, where we had a white elephant gift exchange....which is always a laugh. I got a mini gardening set....ya garden out side my apartment in the rocks :) ha ha. I LOVE IT!!
It was a fun night full of lots of excited kiddies....Then Jerry and I worked Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday after work we drove to Pinetop Arizona to spend Christmas with my family....we were a little freaked out because they had just gotten blasted with a snow storm...
so I was super paranoid...but our timing was perfect we got there after things had settled down and the roads really wern't too bad...we parked at my moms gym and had my dad pick us up because he had 4 wheel drive and the snow was very high and very slick once you got off the main roads. So we had a white Christmas! pretty much snowed the entire time we were there. It was fun...that's really the only time I like snow is at Christmas it worked for us. Cohen liked it on the days it wasn't absolutely FREEZING...which was like one here's proof! Christmas was wonderful....we all got way too spoiled. Heaar is the toy we that we could not get Cohen away from....He adored it. Our Christmas Eve consisted of Dancin around like superstars....reading the Christmas Story, singing songs, talking about favorite Christmas memories and watchin movies. Then Christmas came!!!

And then it went....and the days following were filled with sledding, movies, scrabble (Thanks Santa!) and just lovin each other!!!

All in all it was a wonderful,white, cold , fattening, picturific Christmas! First Christmas with my bro home....Okay here are just a few more that I just couldn't leave out!

That is all, Happy New Year Everyone!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

JCPenney Pics are IN!

Jerry's mom wanted pictures of all the grandkids, so we took all 12 of them to the mall on BLACK FRIDAY ,

We waited way too long....okay I repeat 12 kids ages 2 months- 13 on BLACK FRIDAY!!!

The task was a little daunting...but it was well worth it....look at these kiddies!

Love them all to pieces!!! Since we were there...Jerry and I were feelin like slackers bein that Cohen hadn't really gotten anything proffessional done since he was 3 months old...he his now...hmmmm...10 MONTHS!

And has obviously changed quite a bit. So we got some singles and can I just say he was WAY more cooperative by HIMSELF....he was almost impossible with the group...did NOT like feeling restricted...but we set him down alone...and the kid is a natural!

Madeleine's Blessing

My neice Madeleine was blessed today!

This is Josh and Jody's baby girl. It was a beautiful blessing followed by powerful testimonies by both parents. There was a such a peaceful feeling through the whole meeting, and it was such a pleasure to be able to witness such an event. She is a beautiful little girl and such an amazing addition to our family. I can't wait to see her little personality really come out!

Cohen decided that today was such a cool event that he broke his first tie out. :). He was saving it for a special occasion :)Okay, so you can't really tell in this picture...but it is there under that sweater vest...and it's DANG CUTE!!! ha ha :) And this is Mia and Cohen after the blessing at Aunt Melissa's house. They are best buddies! :)

Saturday with Santa

Cohen finally met the big man himself....
Good ol' Santa Clause! One of the Oral Surgeons that the Dr. I work for refers to...had a cute little thing outside his office...with Santa, pony and carriage rides..the whole sha' bang. It was fun little hour.

Friday, December 5, 2008

10 Months!

Another month down! Cohen is turning out to have quite the personality....Here's a few run downs:

*He LOVES LOVES the bath....okay most babies do...I realize. But the second you even turn the faucet on....cohen is jumping and giggling, even before he gets in the water...because he knows what awaits him. It's hillarious. The anticipation is just too much for him.

*His third tooth is coming some hours are better than others's one of the top ones...and it's gonna break through any day. It's a little swollen over the tooth...and he doesn't like you to touch it, because it hurts him.

*Still sleeping through the night for the most part....we have been really really blessed in this area. Good thing because with me working and jerry schooling and studying...we need our sleep. He is SUCH a good baby.

*He has figured out that the stuff Mom and Dad are putting in their mouths, is food too...and TASTES better than his own. I'll feed him till it seems like he's full...or just gets too distracted with other things....but the second Jerry and I sit down to dinner ourselves...Cohen stops whatever he is doing...and crawls his way over to our feet and grunts for food. He's seriously like a puppy...
he'll start out smiling...hoping for us to say "Oh your so can we deny you"....if that doesn't work...he'll keep tapping you till you cave....if THAT doesn't work he starts yelling...then crying....Not sure who is training who here. He kinda has a temper when it comes to his, or anyone elses for that matter, food. We're starting to give him more solid snacks along with his baby food. He still freaks out if he sees his bottle...acting as if we're Not going to give it to him....oye :)...but then as we come closer with it....he lays down and reaches for it....he certainly knows the drill :). We've also introduced the sippy cup....we're trying to show him that he has to tilt the cup up for anything to reach his mouth...and that he CAN do it without laying down..... He gets's funny.

He is SUPER ticklish...loves story time....likes to jump more than trying to walk....and is a mondo flirt. We're excited to have our first Christmas with him!

Donny and Marie

My boss spoiled us for our Christmas Party last night. On Wednesday I came to my desk and there was a wrapped present...I opened it, and it was an IPOD Shuffle..."Cool!" I thought....then one of the girls...opened it and there was a clue on what we were doing the next night...downloaded on the was a bunch of Donny and Marie Osmond songs.....I're goin to see Donny and Marie at the Flamingo....Not so much my generation :)....but it should be a fun night out with everyone...So yesterday came and I left from work to get dressed at Lori's house ( my wonderful friend and Co-worker) and we met at a steak house at the flamingo. It was super nice....I can't even imagine what it must have cost Dr. Griffiths...He's very good to us. Anyway, had some good prime amazing cheesecake desert and then it was on to the show! I have to tell you that I wasn't going in with super high expectations...but holy cow it was AMAZING and far from the cheesiness I was imagining. I was MOST impressed with Marie! So versatile and so so SO talented. It was a fun night...DONNY EVEN TOUCHED ME!!! ha ha :) He walked on our table and shook my hand! Good times!
Here's a picture of my lovely front office ladies...not from the show...but ya know...they were there and I love them...and they deserve a spot on my blog :) ha ha. It was so fun!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cousins, Haircuts, The Big 2-7, Twilight, and GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY!

November has been BUSY!!! But too much fun. First of all, all of Cohen's cousins got together at the park to take pictures for Grandma Moser. Here are a few of the highlights!

This is Baby Madeleine

Cohen and Mia

Cameron and Cohen

My sweet boy.

The big boys!!!! Never a dull moment with this bunch!

Shortly after that, Cohen received his very first haircut....I was trying to go for as long as I could because I was a little emotionally attatched and a bit in denial that he's growing up so fast.....but it had to happen. He was startin to look like a hippy! So Jerry's mom cut it. Here is the before and after!

Then before I knew it November 21st was here and I turned 27. I'm turnin into an old lady! ha ha :) Just kidding....I'm 18 at heart :). My mom planned the best lil' treat EVER . We (Me, Cohen, my mom and my little sister Hannah) met in Flagstaff. My mom got a room at the Embassy Suites and we had a Girly+ Cohen Sleep over!!!!
We went to Dinner at Chili's and then of COURSE we went and saw Twilight...was ANYONE doing ANYTHING else that night! :). And then went and chilled at the hotel. It was so fun...till we got sick...Cohen woke up in the middle of the night VOMITING....not talking spit up but, the heaves and everything....I felt so bad for him...well...soon after that my mom started feeling real sick to her stomach...and then morning came and we ate breakfast and came up to the room and then I started feeling sick to my stomach....felt like I did when I was pregnant! For those of you who were around me when THAT was going on...know I don't do sick very well :). We contemplated staying the night again...but were worried if we got worse...we didn't want to be stuck we sucked it up and drove our seperate ways. Even sick though, it was good to be with my mommie and my little sis.
Cohen loved gettin a piece of Grandma Skinner too!
As for Twilight! I liked it...alot. Granted some cheesy parts.....but I liked the casting...the shot it in a beautiful place....I don't really feel that the screen writer was as talented as the AUTHOR...but I enjoyed it. LOVED the baseball game...Loved Charlie...and I don't think they could have picked a better Bella. Okay that's my 2 cents on that....
Onto TURKEY DAY! We spent it with Jerry's Parents. Christy (Jerry's oldest sister) and her family were there too, along with Jerry's Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave and his Cousin Rachel...whom I love and adore :). She can marry my brother if she wants too. No protest here! ha ha :). Jerry's Grandparents were also there for the festivities. It was fun. We stuffed ourselves...played a couple games..and actually spent the night because we were doing proffesional pictures at JCPenney the next morning with all the grandkids. Picture this 12 kids ranging from 2 months to 13 all in the Galleria Mall on Black was loco. But we survived! We also got Cohens 9 month pictures taken of him individually....we figured we hadn't done it since he was 3 months and he HAS changed just a little bit ;) I will post those pictures when we get them back. Here are some pictures of Thanksgiving.

All in all....It's been a pretty good month...and now CHIRSTMAS HERE WE COME!!!!!