Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brinley is 18 Months!!!

Oh my lanta, time is going just too fast.....I can't seem to find the pause button, Brinley never ceases to make us smile :) I love this age, okay here is the run down:  She LOVES books. Loves to be read too...loves to look at books, draw in them and rip them up. She is ALWAYS carrying around 2 or 3 of them as well as a baby, and a blanket. Her collection is getting bigger, and when she can't decide which one she wants she shoves all of them in her little shopping cart. Problem solved. :)She loves animals, loves stickers and loves to color. However she is not ALL girly girl,
 she can hold her own when it comes to wrestling with her dad and her brother. She loves to do whatEVER Cohen is doing , whether, it's playing what he is playing with, or hugging mom because he is, or wanting to eat what HE get the point :). He is patient with her MOST of the time. She loves to ride bikes...more like scoot on them. She also LOVEs to "HELP" in the kitchen....she likes to take all the pans out of the pantry, and the plastic bags as well as anything that looks like fun under the sink.....If I'm doing laundry, she is right next to me wanting to put the clothes in too. She LOVES to dance and make you smile.

She is a little feisty, she is persistant in getting what she wants, and her eyes get very big and watery if scolded...... breaks my heart every time. " But Brinley, it is HOT. don't touch" (Cue water works). She loves to talk to herself in the car, loves to be chased and tickled....Not the cuddliest child on earth :) she's too busy, but she has her moments and I CHERISH them as she gives them. She does give lots of hugs and kisses though.

Her first word besides, "Mama" and "Daddy" was "Doggie". She can also say "Apple" "Water" "St-eee-ky" (stinky) "My Daddy" "Baby" "Mine" (This one is a little overused at the moment :) ) "No" "Hi" "Bye Bye" Anyway you can tell she's just dying to say more.....lots of jibber jabber.
She got attacked by ants the other day....that was sad.

She has also had 3 ear infections since December.....5 in the calendar one she will be referred to a ear nose and throat specialist to discuss the possibility of tubes.

She's now legal in Church Nursery ....even though she's been going for months because Jerry and I both serve with the Youth......funny how she used to love going when she was too young...and now it's a bit of a challenge to leave her in there...she's fine once I'm gone, but the dropping off is not so fun.

Anyway she is a joy. Busy little bugar :) but it is a fun ride :).