Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brinley's Blessing Day

Brinley got blessed on September 26th. Grandma Moser made her the most beautiful dress ever. And she looked (as you can see) gorgeous! It was sad that she couldn't be there to see her in it, we missed ALL of Jerry's family terribly that day.. but we were so blessed however to have my two sisters (Jackie and Dani) and my parents there so that helped.....Jerry gave her a beautiful blessing and even bore his testimony, he sure is an amazing husband and father. How did I get so lucky? Anyways, we were going to go outside afterwards to take pictures but it was POURING so we took a few inside the church and a few at home (hence Cohen's wet mop on his head) Anyways, enjoy the pictures of my princess. :)

2 Months!

Well my baby girl is already 2 months old and things are going well-ish. She is still a little gassy, shes always grunting like something needs to come out but it is significantly better than the last month. Nights are still not that awesome :) but again, getting better :). Her eyes are getting very blue and she is really starting to become a lot more alert. She weighs 10 lbs now, and is 23 inches.

Jerry will hold her and she just stares and.....even starting to get a few smiles out of her. She is just our little beauty and we fall more and more in love with her every day!
Cohen is really starting to take more notice of her. Loves to kiss her, and says "Good morning Burly" every morning :) It's cute.

Okay, I can't forget big brother who is changing and growing every day!!!!!

He is just a total character and more energy than one could possibly bottle in one lifetime!!

All in all :) things are pretty fun at the Moser Casa :) Stay tuned.