Saturday, September 10, 2011

1 and 3 Year Pictures!

Pictures are in, and so are the updates!


Brinley took her first steps on August 20th (Almost 13 months). She took her steps, and then refused to do it again till 2 days later...and she is OFF now!!! She gets more and more stable everyday...However she did bump her mouth on the chair today...and sliced her gums...little bloody....poor baby, and she's teething too, so it was kind of a tough day. She loves saying "Hi" to everyone in the grocery store as long as it's in passing ...if they come up to her she turns her head :)...little tease. She loves the song "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" When we sing it to her she throws her hands in the air on "BEAM"! Cohen put sunglasses on her the other day and she thought she was hot stuff....kept walkin, laughin and clappin :). She loves my phone and the remote control more than any toy in her bedroom, and becomes quite frustrated when they are taken away. Girl STILL loves to eat. Likes storytime.....however she LOVES ripping the pages out of her books even more. EVEN the hardcover books...don't ask me how. She loves to play little games that she makes for instance...she puts her finger out...I make a buzzer sound and she laughs...this will go on for at least a half hour. I will sit on the floor with her...she will laugh and crawl away, look behind her to see if I'm coming , when she realizes i AM she laughs and crawls towards me and lays on her back so I can tickle her :)....She's hillarious. Love her to peices.

Cohen is becoming, as you can see, a little stud muffin. Loves the girls....especially between the ages 0 to ...100. :) One time we were at Jerry's softball game...there were some women that we have never seen before cheering for the other team...Cohen sat right next to one of them, smiled the same smile as you see in this picture and put his head on her shoulder. I know...I'm pretty sure I'll have to lock him in the closet when he is a teenager. We need to work on the "Stranger Danger" concept. I work 12 hours a week at an assisted living home and there is a woman there named Birtha, who also goes to my church...she sits with us sometimes during sacrament meeting, and Cohen gave her a hug the first day he met her. She has not stopped talking about it since. He is a tender hearted kid...I mean how many 3 year olds do you know, that will go up to an 85 year old woman (On his own accord) that is NOT his grandma? When he visits my work he looks for her. We have started a little Joy School with 3 other girls in my ward that have 3 year olds that missed the deadline for VPK (VPK is free pre school in Florida. Everybody gets it the year before kindergarten..You have to be 4 by sept.). Anyway we do it twice a week and each of us teach twice a month. just 2 and half hours,but it gives them some social time and some learning structure...I think it will be good for him. He has lots and LOTS of energy and we are really trying to take advantage of things like Joy School and Story Time at the library to get him used to having to sit, listen and learn....It's a challenge...but I feel we are making slow but SURE progress. He loves to be tickled, to play at the park, to visit friends, to swim, to go on turtle hunts, and to dance. He LOVES story time with me....tolerates it at the library :) (baby steps). He loves to be the first one in Brinleys room when he hears her wake up. He loves to help me cook...and by cook , I mean bake...and by bake I mean....he licks the spoon , the bowl, and sneaks a spoonful or two of whatever deliciousness that is in said bowl. He is still my snuggle bug. If I am sitting on the couch, he is snuggled up next to me. Always giving out hugs and kisses. Anyway, it's never boring at our house! Love my kiddies.

Kids say the Darndest Things

So we were at Turkey Creek the other day and there are two places where you go over a bridge and you can see like a dozen turtles....big ones with little ones on their backs...well Cohen and I were watching them and there was one on the shore.. while the rest were swimming in the water...Cohen calls to that little lone turtle "Come in for DINNER, with your family!!!" :)

Brinley was screaming at the dinner table...and Cohen yells "BIIIIIN-LEY!!! Shush! I'm TRYING to EAT!!!!!"

I was having a mild emotional moment one day, Cohen came and sat on my lap and said "It's okay mommy, I am here." :)Amazingly, it really DID make me feel better!!!!! :) He does the same thing when Brinley cries...he persist to try to bring her a sippy...or a toy....or his snack. He is such a sweet big brother. He's very protective of her in public.....HE'S the only one that's alloud to mess with her!!!!

And the next picture is just because I love it:) Precious moment with Dad :)

Brinley's 1st Birthday!

Oh how fast a year goes. Hard to believe she was just 6 lbs 12 months ago....she is now 20lbs, and is just little miss personality!

Her party was quaint...
Just our family,

Grandma Skinner

and her best buddy, cousin LaRae.

They had balloons to play with , music to dance to,

her favorite (RAVIOLI) for dinner,

and Birthday cup cakes.

Oh, and who can forget presents...

her favorite was her baby Aurora doll. So cute to watch her.

It was a good night with our little princess. My heart is full. Happy Birthday Brinley Bug!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Las Vegas

So Vision Airlines opened a new flight going from Fort Walton Beach to Las Vegas, and there was a deal going on where you could get 39 dollar one way, I couldn't afford NOT to do that...considering we are usually dropping 350 bucks a PEICE to go out there....and thats having to CONNECT somewhere...this was a non stop flight for 80 bucks round trip. Jerry had to work, so I ventured by myself with the kiddos. They had a great time being with cousins!!! And I had a great time seeing family and friends. Soooo greatful we could do it!
Not to mention my newest little nephew Dean was born :) just a little guy at 4lbs. SOOOO glad I got to be around for the excitement! We also had a little celebration for Brinleys EARLY birthday, had a super fun girls night,visited with Jerry's Grandparents, as well as old work friends and of course lovin' on my neices and nephews!!! SUPER FUN!!! Enjoy the pics!