Thursday, March 26, 2015

And then there were 3

 Here are a few pics of my little mans first weeks home.

  I just love my boy!

     Sawyer Pete and Grandpa Pete snoozin'

        Cohen and Brinley just adore him.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Introducing SAWYER PETE MOSER! 8/2/2014

Sawyer Pete Moser
Born August 2, 2014
at 7:23pm
Weighing 6 lbs, 10 oz
21 Inches

Sooooooo, This is how it went down!!!  Because my daughter Brinley came in such a hurry last time (20 minutes after getting to the hospital with no epidural) the doctor decided baby they would induce me, so as to have some control.  I had never been induced before and was a little nervous about it....ya know forcing my body to do something it might not be ready for....but the idea of not going into labor in the car on the way to the hospital was also attractive.  So I was all set to get induced at 5 am on the 2nd.  Look , see I'm all ready to go to the hospital...

Jerry and I get there.....feeling anxious and nervous and excited.....Well...I get bumped...turns out they had had like 12 births the night before one of which had happened in the bathroom of the waiting room.  Sooooo... they sent me home...I was bummed....and yet still anxiously waiting for the call that they said would come hopefully around lunch....I ate lunch early...thinking MAYBE if I eat early that will pass the time and they will CALL!!!  they didn't call at 11, or 12...but at 1...BOOM there it was!!! I was ready again!  I got to the hospital...started the petosin at 1:30.....Got my epidural about an hour and a half later as I was starting to feel my contractions...I LOVE ..It was a freaking walk in the park after last time....Jerry and I watched TV and I got a massage..."oops....was that a contraction?"  I coudn't tell :)

 Around 6 pm I was still only at a 4......Surprising to ME since my other babies came SO fast...but I had to remind myself that I was going from nothing to baby...not already at a 4 (with cohen) or 8 (with Brinley) when I reach the hospital...Then about a half hour later I was feeling the pressure....It didn't hurt ...the epidural was doing it's job....but I certainly felt the pressure...the nurse didn't seem to be too alrmed by it since they had just checked me and I wasn't even she finished what she was doing and checked me since the doc ran home for a sec. (feeling he could do that based on where I was)....Well...when she checked me I was at a 9...I started throwing up...not sure if it was my boyd responding to petosin, or my brain recognizing my body was in distress even if I didnt..she called him...he came in in his harley davidson t shirt....It made me laugh...the nurses gowned and gloved him, you can tell he dropped everything and got here.. ( side note...this is the first time we have ever had our ACTUAL doctor deliver one of our babies) he checked me...i was at a 10 and he pulled that baby out quick fast...

Jerry got to cut the chord (another thing he hadn't been able to do with our other kids because of unforeseen circumstances of the births) and he laid my sweet Sawyer Pete in my arms and I felt an overwhelming flood of feelings.....Love, and completeness and light.  His little cry turned my insides to mush.  Once he was put in my arms he stopped crying.  He is a cuddler I thought.
I looked at Jerry and he looked so proud and so vulnerable as if his heart was beating outside his body.  He is ours. Our gift.
When I was getting ready to have Brinley I remember being so worried.....Feeling like it is impossible to love anyone more than I loved my first baby....And then she came....and it WASNT the same....It was completely different feelings unlocked....equally as overwhelming...but DIFFERENT.....With Sawyer too....I knew  I had the capacity to love fiercely but It has surprised me each time the unexpected waves of DIFFERENT parts of my soul being unlocked with each sweet baby that has been put in my arms. Anyway, after "The Moment"  the nurse came in and said my parents were there with my kids and asked if we would like them to come in. 
 "I stand all amazed" that heavenly father has trusted me with these littles.

  I was still shaky and the epidural had me paralyzed....but there were a few more sweet moments to follow.

 Sawyer Pete and Grandpa Pete :)

I had the choice to stay 1 or 2 days...I stayed 2.  I'm not a fool!  lol.  Sawyer was cricumsized  in the hospital....Jerry went in with him...I can never watch that.   Anyway 2 days later...

 It was time to go home.
My parents took Cohen and Brinley.  They were heaven sent!!!  Especially since I got home the 4th and school started the 6th.  It was a little crazy...I got my kids off that first day  (my choice) 

but my parents took care of EVERYTHING after that  for a week.....they spent the night with them in a time share and took them to school and picked them up every day...they came by for  little visits....but it was nice to have the time to heal and bond with my new one.

Love you My Sawyer!

4th of July Campout_ 2014

So what if I was 36 weeks pregnant (My posts are out of order darn it...that's what happens when you wait a year to blog then you forget stuff and it gets out of order!!!  I know I was 9 months in my previous post lol.)
We took the kids and my sister camping at a lake in Sholo.  It was beautiful and the kids had fun fishing and sleeping in tents and what not :).  Sure do love my fam bam!