Friday, November 6, 2009


Halloween was so fun this year!!! My mom had Cohen the week prior to Halloween....It was definitely tougher for me than him :) ha ha.. It was nice to have some down time but come Thursday I was ready to have my little guy back. He had a GREAT time with Grandma Skinner she brought him home on Friday and he was so cute! We got right back in the car and went to my sister in laws trunk-or -treat, Cohen didn't QUITE grasp the concept of trick-or- treating there , he just ran around chasing people in costumes and following was hillarious. He was an ELEPHANT and the most adorable thing on the planet (I'm a little biased) It was funny because the padding in the front and in the back made him waddle. HILLARIOUS!

Then on Saturday morning we went Christmas shopping with my mom (yes, already...CRAZINESS) and we went to lunch...then she took off back to AZ and Cohen and I went home, he took a nap...he woke up...we did a little pumpkin carvin' and we got him dressed up and were off for our real trick or treating!!!

Got pulled over on the way there but I got so so sOOOOOOO lucky...because my sister in law's brother in law is a cop and he totally got me out of it......THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CLINT!!! YOu and Michelle have a little surprise coming! Anyways....The neighborhood we trick or treated in was a MAD house!!! I've never seen so many people on the same block in my life. Cohen finally grasped the "going to get candy" concept . HE LOVED IT> the only thing he WASNT lovin....was when anyone with a scary mask got real close to him...he got kind of scared. All in all it was a good time :).

Hannah's Soccer Game in Mesa!

We took a little road trip to visit my youngest sister Hannah at college. She plays soccer for Mesa Community and we got to go to her last game of the season. Of course Hannah tore it up and we were oh so proud. Most of my family was able to make it (with the exception of my dad and little sister Dani) so it was fun to catch up with almost everyone :). Here are a few pictures. It was pretty cute at the game, there was like this 4 or 5 year old girl that was trying to teach him how to ride her tricycle and at the end planted a smoocher on him....the people in the stands started cheering. It was so cute and so funny :).