Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brinley Bug is 2!

Sugar and WAY more Spice!!!!! 

 It has been 6 months since she has turned two, so this recap may put a few things out of order....some of the update are things I'm seeing now and not necessarily then :) ANYWAY    What can you say about our Brinley Bug.  If you ask her who her best friend is she will always say "Deh Deh" which is what she called Cohen till about 2 or 3 momths ago!
 She has exploded into a vocabulary that never ceases to make us smile.  She is pretty persistent in getting what she wants....a little too persistent in getting me up in the mornings :)  She immediately wants her jammies off and her "pretties" on :).  she loves accessories and loves to "help" me do EVERYTHING :) whether it's mopping the floor, putting the dishes away, doing the laundry, telling Cohen  what to do :).  She's a little mommy in training :)

  If you ask her name, she will always say Brinley Bug.....Never just Brinley.  

 She loves her babies and Cohen's cars equally.    She loves to be pretty but she is not prissy by any stretch of the imagination by the end of the day she is covered in grass and dirt and food and whatever else you can think of! Don't let those angel eyes fool you , she is as feisty as she looks innocent :) lol.  Let's be honest we are wrapped around her finger.   lol  She is extremely protective of her older brother and does not like competing for his attention.  He is so good to her

.  Cohen goes to pre school and every day we wait for him to come off the bus and she is squeeling by the time she sees the buss round the corner, she immediately holds his hand while walking into the house. She then proceeds to ask what is in his back pack :)....He will show her and she will "ooooooh and ahhhhh over" all his art work.  It's pretty cute.  She loves to watch Veggie Tales in the morning, and LOVE LOVE LOVES to be read to.  She is so smart.  We sure do love her.  The pictures are from her birthday party.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Family Beach Vacation

In July, my mom rented a harbor front condo in Destin Beach.
Here are some of the highlights: 

Jerry and I were feeling ambitious one day and thought it would be fun to take the kayaks all the way around Noriego point....out into the ocean...PASSED the, we were pretty dang tired....and got stuck in some seaweed...and Jerry swears he saw a shark fin.....I think it was a dolphin....but who knows....We will think twice next time especially with the little ones on our laps (in life jackets of course- don't judge me!!! lol!

Mom anchored her sail boat out at the beach and it started floating away :) lol....that made for some entertainment.  Jerry and Jackie tried to swim out to was a lot further than it looked.

Loved playing Settlers of Catan with Tyler and Ashley almost every night!

My mom's sister and her family were renting a beach house about 25 minutes away so we got some fun cousin time in!

Going to Harry T's and listening to the live country music they had playing on the harbor.  Cohen was certainly the life of the party as he took after his mama's love of country music and danced the night away!

           We Tye Died awesome shirts :) as you can see....

                                Frolicked on the beach...
                              watched fireworks
                              went sailing....
                           Played Football...

My mom took us out for a night on the town, we got all gussied up and went to a yacht club for dinner and dancing in a limo!

And as you can see Jerry and I can't resist a photo op.

One day we went out to the beach enjoying beautiful weather when out of NOwhere  a crazy storm came in and then left.....we all stayed on the beach trying to stick it out....My kids LOVED swimming in the torrential down pour!  Unfortunately such a down pour, left us with our cameras put away, but we got a few pics of the cute kids through out the vacation!!!

Then of course there was down time at the house.....

 Great Vacation!  Even though it was 20 minutes from home!!!!  Have I mentioned I love Florida?