Friday, January 31, 2014

First Day of School!!! August 2013

How did my babies get so old so fast?  This day was a LOT more emotional than anticipated. Especially Cohen going to full day Kindergarten.  He is in good hands with Mrs Bescack but STILL!!!  Lots of mommy tears this morning!!!
How precious are they?
Brinley had been so excited...coudn't stop talking about it ...till we got to school, and she became a mute...and cried and cried and cried when I left.  Oye :)  She did better the next couple days...but golly sakes she broke my heart!!!  I was so surprised considering how excited she was before...but shes certainly a little shy at first .

Brinley turns 3!

This is my angel.  She is bossy, and chatty , and funny ,curious, so smart, so caring, and adventurous!  She turned three on July 26th and she just makes our world better and better with every passing day.  Sure we have our moments of her and Rae getting into the finger paint and dumping it all over the carpet in her brother's room.  Sure she has realized that crayons look way better on the wall than on paper...DUH! But I'll take it.  Because for all of that...there are quadruple the amount of hugs.  If I help her put on her pj's she says "Thank you mommy you are the best special mommy!"  , Everything she puts on or plays with or looks at she has to know who gave it to her?  If you don't know she will ask what store it came from?  If you can't remember she will say "You gave it to me silly mom!" then follow it up with "your the best!!!".  She loves books and accessories.

She loves her brother, who is so so good to her.  She is just as excited to watch ninja turtles with him as she is to watch her own Strawberry Shortcake!

She loves to color and draw and paint (she always is doodling in a notebook), have tea parties....and to talk and talk and talk :).    When I am not feeling well she will snuggle up to me and pet me on the head like a kitten.  She will tell me over and over "I love you mom"  "You are pretty mom" (She's good for my ego! lol)  "Can I wear your makeup mom?"  or if I have bed head she is the first to say "Your hair is crazy mom"  lol.  So honest and sweet.  She is a little mother for sure.  The other day Cohen got put in time out and I went to go transfer the laundry, I came back into Brinley saying "Cohen you got to listen okay?  Are you going to be good now?" lol...she is 3 going 27.   We are blessed beyond words.  Here are a few pictures of her birthday.  We do friend parties every OTHER year so this year was a small family shin dig.

Happy Birthday Brinley Bug!

It's an Echave 4th of July in Bisbee!

The Echave (My dad's mom's maiden name) family had a big reunion for the 4th of July!!  I havn't been to Bisbee for the 4th in a LONG time (since I was a teenager probably)   and it did not dissapoint!!!  My dad made it out for the festivities and that was just so great to see him.   The weekend was full of catching up with family that I havn't seen in years!!! Parades, a Box car race through town, of course pic nics games, contests (such as a mining contest...I did not participate...but it look tough!!) dancing , and of course fireworks.  My dad is always so nostalgic when he comes here, it's cute.   Can't wait to get him in AZ for good!!!  Anyway, enjoy the pictures!

This is not even everybody.  This family is enormous!!  And it is not even the Mormon side of my family!! lol

Parade Time

Echave Family Picnic

 These are my sisters with some of my grandma's sisters.  I sure do miss my Grandma I'll tell you what!

 And you can't have an Echave reunion without Catholic Mass, Food and of COURSE DANCING!!!!  My kids had a BALL!!!

We love the things that summer brings!

Summer brought my sister Dani and niece LaRae to Mesa!!!

 I got to watch my sweet funny niece for 4 months while my sister started her job here as a dental assistant. 

My sister Jackie was also in town working for Anasazi , which is a wilderness therapy program for teens who have made tough life decisions.    

And of course we saw Luana often before she got herself a boyfriend/fiance :) lol.  So thrilled for her!! 

 Then my little sister Hannah was even in town for  awhile. I felt so blessed to be with all my sisters in one summer.  We missed my bro though as always!
This was a pic of LaRae and Brinley BEFORE they learned to swim without floaties and life jackets! 
 By the end of the summer they were pros.   I'm so proud of them!!!  

 Cohen learned how to swim last summer but improved so much this year!!  It was weird to not have to hold anyone in the pool!!!
Then there was much catching up on lost cousin time!

We love fun in the sun!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saying goodbye to Grandpa Waters

Jerry's grandpa (Warren Waters) died in May at 96 years old.  Our loss, Heavens gain.  He was such an amazing, warm, funny, musical and caring man.  He had such a profound impact on my husband, my kids loved him and I thank my lucky stars I got to love and be loved by him as well. I'm just so thankful for the temple and the opportunity of forever families.  Here are some of my favorite photos that were taken by Jerry's cousin Marissa a while ago.  This is how I will always remember him!!!

 Aren't they such a sweet couple?

These were taken at Jerry's and my wedding in June of 2006

Here are some photos that I just treasure of him and my children.  

 Here is the family he created!!  All 6 of his kids.  I wish I had a pic of all the grand-kids and great grand kids...holy cow this family is so huge!!! :)

And finally, his funeral...

Then there was a reception/ celebration of the man he was and for the person he made us all want to become.

You will be missed Great Grandpa Waters!