Sunday, May 10, 2009


I love being mommie to this cute little boy.

I want to take a minute to express how much I love my own mother. She is the strongest person I know. She has taught me so much and it seems that the longer I've been on my own....the more I need her love and support, because honestly there are times that though I've grown I still feel my wobbly knees, and a little unsure of the world around me, that sometimes, still even now, I just want my mommie. And she is there. Always. She gives me perspective, wise council, and always reminds me that I am okay the way I am. Weaknesses, strengths and all. I hope I can be 1/2 the mother to my son that she was and is to me.

I also want to express my love and appreciation towards my Mother in Law Jenny. She has raised the man of my dreams and I will never be able to ADEQUATELY express what that means to me. She has opened her home to us as we get Jerry through the rest of his schooling and has done so, so warmly. She is a valiant soul with a tender heart. I have learned much from her as well.

Happy Mothers Day to both of you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

15 Months

Cohen is such a character. He has a couple words besides "mama" and "dada" added to his vocabulary. "Stop" seems to be the favorite...sometimes he says it because he knows how...and sometimes...he says it with the stink eye and you KNOW he means business! ha ha. "Up" is also a favorite....along with "Diaper" yes.....that's all we hear throughout the house "di-PUH" He is so funny. He can and has said other words but only in copying what someone is saying....these are the words that he is learned to use on his own.

We are living with Grandma and Grandpa Moser now, and he seems to love that....Grandma's closet is like Disneyland. LOVES it in there.

He loves to be outside....loves eating rocks and running in the street (we're workin on it :) ).

He knows how to fold his arms for prayer and how to say please in sign language(except he does it with so much force that it comes across as "Give it to me NOW" but :) baby steps right?

He also still loves story time and at bed time he knows when it is time to be quiet...I've started whispering after I sing to him and he'll whisper "mama" back...and put his head on my shoulder.....and just make noise in a hush. I'll put my finger to my lips and say "Shhhhhh" he'll try to copy (he's SUCH a copycat :) it's adorable) by putting his finger IN his mouth and saying "SSSSSSSSSSSSSS"

He's a lot more sturdy of a walker these days although he walks on his tippy toes when he walks quickly.....he has some mad calf muscles...Grandma Skinner would be proud!

We took him to a girls softball game at UNLV last weekend and he was the life of the party..he would dance to the music and go up to strangers and just gibber gabber at them. The whole section was just entranced with him. Everything he did you'd hear at least 10 people laugh! He's quite the entertainer. He goes up to random strangers and puts his hands up in the air like he wants them to pick him up . Which is all cute and dandy NOW but when he's 6 and getting into strangers cars.....uh... :)....not so cute!

His hair is pretty long in these pictures...he's since had a hair cut and looks like a little man....we'd show you but our camera is still broken.......I feel like I'm missing a limb!!! But thank goodness for Marissa and her mad camera skills from our Easter Pic nic!

Here are a couple more

This was all of Jerry's side of the family just before our little Easter Get together.

This is typically the look i get if he is either A. About to blow me a kiss B. Ate something hot" or C. is teething....pretty sure it's C. :)....because he got another tooth in to make 7! I love bein his mama!