Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine

This is my hot hunk of a hubba Jerry :) . He is my love my, my light and my world. Valentines day has been kind of special for me because that is when Jerry proposed. An amazing memory. He took me to Lake Las Vegas and we were going to go ice skating but it was closed so we just walked around for awhile we stopped in the garden near the fire pit, and he gave me a big heart of Sees chocolate....well I was so stuffed from dinner that I didn't want any at the moment...but he kept saying eat one eat one...I said...Jerry I'm going to explode!! He said "I'll share one with you Shannon" I was like...okay, if it's that important to you... :)....I opened it and the box was in the middle..but it was black and it was dark outside so I didn't see it...and I said...okay which one do you want to split....he looked at me like I was retarded.....and picked up the box and put it in my hand and said..."This one"I was in awe...and he got on one knee..and said lots of really nice, cute things and made me feel as only he can make me feel...I cried like a lil' baby...and of course said yes...and here we are 3 years later , livin' and lovin':) He's an amazing husband, father...and best friend. I feel like I'm the luckiest girl on a planet to have found someone to love and be loved by. So completely. Happy Valentines Day baby!!! I love you.

Pictures of Cohens Birthday Week

The previous post was of Cohens real birthday with just Jerry and I...Here are some from celebrating w/Jerry's side of the family...we were also celebrating Austin and Chris's birthdays that's why there are so many candles on the cake!

And here is celebrating with my parents!!! I was so excited to have them in town!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Look Who's One!!!!

Happy Birthday to Cohen!!!!!! He is so so so Funny!!! We had our own little family celebration last night (his birthday)

and then he celebrated with Jerry's side of the family on Sunday and will celebrate with my parents on Friday :) So it's his birthday week full of festivities. I'll post the other parties later...but here's the big day!!!! Can we just say he gobbled that cupcake in no time flat.

We sang and ate, and opened presents then played with toys....He is so fun. He could hardley wait for us to get his little farm house was funny.

He is the kind of baby that tries to make you smile. Most babies your doing everything YOU can do to get a grin from them...but with Cohen it's the opposite...He loves to make US laugh!

He LOVES to be chased, if you don't ...he'll turn around like he's waiting for you and if you STILL don't he'll chase you. He is a love bug.

HE TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS ON SATURDAY!!! He is SO proud of himself!

He's feeling much better these days. He had his followup apt. with the doctor on Monday and his breathing had improved significantly. He's on Breathing treatments now twice a day for a month and then once a day till summer.

His new thing is his Indian yell....he likes to pat his mouth with his hand and make's cute.

We have a family picture on one of our end tables in the family room, and he is obsessed with it. He doesn't try to knock it off or anything...he just likes touching it and laughing....I'll ask him where Cohen is and he points to himself in the picture. Smart kiddy :)

He likes to throw his food on the floor when he doesn't want anymore. This is kind of annoying considering we have carpet :). We are working on it!

He dances to music.

Is the BEST at bedtime!!!! I swear....we do our routine of bottle, stories, songs, prayers....and we set him in bed, he moves to his tummy smiles at me, I put his blanket on him and we don't hear a peep from him the rest of the night!!!!! It's amazing!!! Now...NAP TIME...THAT is a different story...he's starting to fight it...very stubborn in this area.

We are so so so very blessed to have Cohen in our family. He has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives.