Sunday, May 26, 2013

Arizona Update


We stayed with my Uncle John and Aunt Barb (John is my dad's brother) for 2 months while we house hunted and got situated .
   Words can't express our gratitude to them for  letting us do that.  It was so helpful.  And the kids LOVED getting to know grandpa...also visits and he had never even MET Brinley ...He bought Cohen a Pirate Ship and Brinley a Cinderella Doll and they could not put them down.  It feels good to be around this side of my family.  It has been quite awhile.
So I had a funny Cohen story about the Temple.  We have taken them a couple times to the visitors center...and they love it...we saw a few couples taking pictures for their wedding...and we explained to Cohen than mommy and daddy got married in a temple like this in Las Vegas. Cohen didn't say that was that....a couple weeks later...Jerry and I were going to do a session at the temple...John and Barb were going to babysit the kids....Cohen saw me take my white temple dress....and immediately had a melt down...I said  "Cohen, what is the matter"...He said..."I want to go to the temple!!!"  between sobs...he said "Are you getting married?"  I said.."Me and daddy are already married...we go to the temple now because we want to remember the promises we made to Heavenly Father"...He continued to cry saying he wanted to go to the temple...We promised him that we would go the next day.  Well the next day...we get dressed....and Cohen starts freaking out again..."Cohen what is the matter?"  "Go get your dress!! (MEaning my white temple dress)...."  I said...."Cohen I only wear that when i go INSIDE the temple...."  Cohen keeps crying saying "I want to get married!!!!!!!" lol.  The kid is killin me:).  I eventually convinced him that he has to wait till he gets home off his mission and can't be me because I'm married to daddy.....well and other obvious reasons that we can visit when he's old enough to understand :).  Anyway.  It was very cute.....maybe not for him...but I got a good laugh when he wasn't looking!!!

Anyway....we got him enrolled in pre school.  

 He's getting way too grown up,WAY to fast.  Anyway, here is the start to a new adventure!