Friday, August 12, 2011

Las Vegas

So Vision Airlines opened a new flight going from Fort Walton Beach to Las Vegas, and there was a deal going on where you could get 39 dollar one way, I couldn't afford NOT to do that...considering we are usually dropping 350 bucks a PEICE to go out there....and thats having to CONNECT somewhere...this was a non stop flight for 80 bucks round trip. Jerry had to work, so I ventured by myself with the kiddos. They had a great time being with cousins!!! And I had a great time seeing family and friends. Soooo greatful we could do it!
Not to mention my newest little nephew Dean was born :) just a little guy at 4lbs. SOOOO glad I got to be around for the excitement! We also had a little celebration for Brinleys EARLY birthday, had a super fun girls night,visited with Jerry's Grandparents, as well as old work friends and of course lovin' on my neices and nephews!!! SUPER FUN!!! Enjoy the pics!