Friday, September 5, 2008

7 Months Old!

I can't even believe how fast time is going by. It seemed like when I was pregnant 9 months seemed like 9 years......and now I feel like I'm gonna blink and it will be here! My life feels like it is in fast forward and Cohen changes so much. As far as milestones..

* I can't remember in my last blog if I mentioned this or not...bare with me if I did :)....but Cohen got his first tooth AND learned how to hold his own bottle while we were in Virginia. Very exciting stuff.

* He is trying so hard to crawl....he's starting to get the positioning on his hands and knees.....which is an improvement...because before it looked like he was just swimming ..but he understands that his knees have to be under him...he just hasn't figured out the mechanics of going from there. It's funny to watch him...he concentrates so hard.

* He loves books.....

Loves being read to. Then when he starts losing interest :).....he loves to EAT the book....then he loves to open and close it over and over again. It's pretty funny.

*The eating of solid foods is getting better...but he is the most A.D.D. eater ever!!! The first couple bites he's so into it...then it's every thing I can do to stop looking at other people in the room, playing with his high chair, staring at the fan trying to grab my's so funny so as you can see in the first picture...It can be a pretty messy task. :)

As for what's been going on since he's turned 7 months...well, the other day at around 3a.m. I started tossing and turning...and felt so sick to my stomach. I threw up....Jerry started feeling sick....he threw up...then I threw up....then he threw up.....Cohen was in the next room...his little cough turned into a big cough....he sounded like a seal. He was pullin at his ears and crying.... He had weird bumps appear on his Jerry and I in all our sickness...were like...we have to get this kid to the dr...I had work, he had school....Cohen was so sick.....I was starting to feel a little better so I took Cohen. I was fine when I first got there but we were waiting for like 40 minutes and by the time they called his name...I stood up and got super super super hot, I felt like I was going to pass out...I could hardly hold him...It was so scary...I got into the room with the nurse and she told me to strip him....all the sudden I had to leave him in there with her and run...I had zero control over my body ....K...not to be so graphic but I had diarhea so freakin bad........I went back to the room...the nurse was like are you okay...I looked in the mirror and my face was white. She told me to pick him up and bring him to the scale to weigh him on....I could hardly stand let alone pick him up...I felt like such a mess...I wanted to cry and cry and cry....trying to hold it together....I got him over there....I then had to run to the bathroom again....puking my guts out....I came out so embarrassed...the nurse smiled and asked if I was pregnant....the NERVE ha ha....jk...I told her that my hsbnad was having the same thing happen right now.....she thinks it was food poisoning......probably.. Anyways....the doctor came in told me that Cohen had the Croop and an ear infection...but also said that he was the happiest sicky that he'd ever seen. ha ha...that's my boy...CERTAINLY did not get that from me. He gave us the prescriptions and told us we could go.I sat there and thought about the long hallway, the elevator, all the way out to the car....It felt 2 miles away. I sat there and just prayed that I had the strength to get out of there holding him safely....I got to the car....When I got to my apt. I called Jerry to come down and take him out of the car. he came down and ran up stairs and puked again in the toilet...I did not make it so far however....I so glamorously started to hurl in the front yard of our apt. complex. I got upstairs and jerry and I looked at each other...and the prescriptions in our hands that had to be filled....and we wanted to die.Finally I stopped trying to do things my self and I called Corby (a wonderful lady in our ward) and sobbed....and told her what was happening. She got my relief society president to pick up our prescriptions for us...she also brought over some ginger ale and saltine crackers.... Then later on when Corby got home from work she offered to take Cohen for a couple hours so we could take a nap. I couldnt believe how hard it was to take care of him in that state.I mean it was doable with Jerry AND me...but certainly not for one of us and took all we had for both of us. Anyways then our home teachers came and gave us a blessing. We have angels in our ward, I didn't think I'd ever need them so bad, but was amazed with the love and support that they showed us. We are very blessed. We went to sleep....and in the morning...Cohens cough was sounding a little better...still there....but didn't sound as croopy...Jerry and I both felt a ton better...still a little achy, sore and tired...but I was able to go to work and Jerry was able to really be a daddy and get his homework done. So all is well. Funny Now that i look back at it...but holy cow I had never felt so helpless.


Cohen continues to be such a bright spot in our lives. Words can't ever adequately express what he means to us.