Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moser Family Reunion April 2013

We got back to Vegas for Jerry's dad's side of a family reunion!!!  It was great to see all of his extended family that we don't get to see very much.   Josh made SWEET family shirts.....

 And we had a great afternoon with everyone at the park.Brinley's foot happened at the beginning of April and this was either the end of April, beginning of May....Anyway .as you can see she heeled nicely and is runnin around with the best of them!!!


Such a nice day!!!
We also managed to get a little time with Grandma Moser.  We took the kids to the Bellagio Gardens.  Always a treat!!

Terrible Horrible no good very bad day.

Cohen and Brinley were filling up water guns in the house then taking them outside in the backyard (barefoot-It's so hard to keep shoes on especially brinley....she is constantly taking them off) I was making mac and cheese in the kitchen...right as I dropped the butter in Brinley limps quickly in screaming bloody murder saying "look at me mom lookat me!!!" I saw she had something in her foot (I thought it was a thorn) When I saw what it was (It must have been in the grass or something.....but Jerry said he never used that kind of screw in the house...) I tugged on it to see if it would didn't....I turned off the stove threw the kids in the car....(with a popcicle for both of them) and floored it to the hospital. I was a little stressed because I'm still kind of new to the area and I wasn't sure where the pediatric hospital was and my gps was being retarded. I felt so bad. We got to the ER finally and it was packed...I thought..."Do I really have to wait in this line....luckily the people in front of me saw her foot and allowed me to cut. And the nurses took her back. Brinley was being so so brave. She sat quite still (cried-but off and on....not constantly-hence how I got the picture ) The doctor was concerned it got to the bone, so they ordered an X-ray...
.Then found it wasn't in the bone but it was stuck in the ligament. So they had to call the orthopedic surgeon to remove it.......she had that nail in her foot from 11:15am till sad...but once they got the pain medicine in her...she was right as rain and happy and quite popular with the nurses.

When the surgeon got there they put her to sleep, had to unscrew it out of her foot....a piece of the ligament came out with it. 

The doctor said had she been an adult they would have to go in and reconstruct it, but kids heal so fast that it wasn't necessary. It took her awhile to come out of the anesthetic, but when she did she was so happy and just wanted popcicles- 3 of them. She was such a trouper. I'm so proud of her. We got home around 10pm....that night was a little tough pain wise.....but she woke up the next brave to let me clean her wound even though it hurt so bad.
 She kept say "I bave (brave) mom! I bave!!!!!". She was up to date on her immunizations so the tetnis shot wasn't we are just making sure she doesn't get an infection (which she is on antibiotics for to be sure) Hey the Moser year is not complete with out someone in the hospital! But thanks everyone for your concern. She is doing great now. She can't walk. but she is doing great.  This last picture is what it finally looked like a week later.  She will have the small scar for while...but isn't it amazing how the body heals?
 She WAS so brave!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

AZ play days

It's REAL hot here...but we managed to get some fun in before the killer summer! 
Yay for farm and zoo days! Wish I got more pics of the zoo animals :)  But we live here I guess :) we will be back.  Just trying to remember my kids while they are kids :)

Easter 2013_ Vegas

Jerry's extended family on his mom's side always gets together for a huge Easter Egg hunt on Easter....and this is the first year since we moved from Vegas that we live close enough to be there for it!  It was a great time.  Kids had a ball with the cousins!

We also got a mini family photo shoot on Easter Sunday!