Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Spring brought a wonderful STAY-cation filled with :
Days at the lake:

Fun with friends at the zoo/splash pad/carousel!

Even more fun with friends:

It brought St. Patty's day at Jump Street and a slushy run to QT

It brought T-ball season!!!  Go Lake Monsters!!!!

 Can I just say watching kids play a game for the first time is hillarious!!!  Kids running in the wrong directions, playing in the dirt, two brothers fighting over who gets the ball.  So so funny and Cohen LOVED playing.  I'm pretty sure because he knows his dad loves it too!!!

Brinley's Dance Recital:
Oh my lanta it was adorable.  She danced to "Shake your groove thing"  I may be biased but she was for sure the best one! lol

Spring brought Jerry's 30th Birthday!!!  We celebrated at Joe's Farm Grill with the fam bam.  I also threw him a surprise party with friends from our ward... He thought we were just going to the movies ...we came back to a house filled with friends ready to play minute to win it.  it was hilarious and fun! I think he felt loved ;)
Then of course we can't forget the Easter festivities!

Then there were a few priceless kid moments:
Cohen asked if I would go dig him a pool in the back yard with this.  I said "I don't know how", he sobbed for 20 minutes in his room...."It's going to be a long summer" I thought.  #6 year old problems.
I watch my cousins baby Colton, and I caught this special moment.  Cohen is so kind to the littles.
Brinley insisted on doing my nails. Not too bad for 3 years old :) lol

Happy Spring!