Friday, February 20, 2015

Prego Progress_Baby Sprinkle

I could hardly wait for our little guy to be in our arms...This is a picture at 9 months and I was just ready.  It being my third child and already having a boy and a girl....I didn't want anyone to throw me a big shower, but some of my wonderful family threw me a "Sprinkle" of sorts :)  It was fun, we ate yummy salads and deserts and made onesies for my new little man.  It made me so excited and anxious to get that little boy in my arms.  Here are some fun pics. of the evening.

 Yes that is paint on my head. Had an explosion with the puffy paints!

 This is Brinley making my cousin Kim a sweater with string from a sewing kit! All while attempting to talk in a british accent.  She kills me!
 She just loves being alloud to come to "Girls nights"  

 They all went in on a petunia picklebottom diaper bag that i have been dying for as well.  I just love these ladies. I had a wonderful time!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

July 26 2014_Brinley Bug is 4!

 This is my buggy.  4 going on 14.  I'm just so so happy to be the mom of this silly, beautiful,bossy, curious, persistant, adventurous, artistic, thoughtful , creative fashionista! :)  She loves accessories and animals and drawing pictures for her family and friends.  She starts pre K this year and she just loves learning.
She had a couple celebrations....A water play date with her friends (Because that's what I can handle being 9 months JULY!!! ):

 Then she had a party with her "Big Friends "  (Family):

Luana (Family friend) gave her 20 dollars for her birthday, I took her to target to go spend it...and you know what that sweet heart did?  She bought Cohen a 15 dollar toy.  All she wanted for herself was a 2 dollar pair of flip flops.  She said "I got lots of stuff mom.  Cohen didn't!  Oh I just want to squeeze her.  This was one happy boy.  I hope they are always so good to each other :).
Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cohen and Brinley's SEPERATE trips to VA

Cohen and Brinley lucked out big time...My sister Jackie took a couple trips to VA in the spring and summer and my parents hadn 't seen the kids in awhile so they bought each of them a plane ticket.  Brinley went with Jackie in the "spring" (it was still freezing there...snow on the ground and what not. she was excited to see snow!) and Cohen in the summer.   They loved being with Grandma and grandpa!!!
Brinley's trip :

Brinley flew out with Jackie,
Had a great time....I didn't get any pics of my mom there. or the SNOW but I'm told it and she were there! She got very excited about it (especially coming off seeing FROZEN!). She came back with lots of stories of snow and dogs and getting to see horses and going out with Grandma and grandpa.

Jackie ended up renting a car and DRIVING back...yes from VA to AZ.  Day one, Brinley got struck with the FLU and puked all over the rental car.  Good Times.  Jackie got a crash course in parenting a 3 year old :)
But things seem to perk up along the way.

Cohen's trip:

Cohen got to go in the summer which of course it's green and beautiful there.  My parents set up a camp on the property for half the time and Cohen was in HEAVEN, as you can see!

My mom told me there was a brief scary moment when Cohen started running and ran over a cattle guard and his leg fell through the grate.  My mom thought for sure he broke his leg....but he didn't (whew! Close one)  .  

Anyway, It was a little hard to watch them get on a plane without me...I get a little morbid in the "what if" department of my brain.  Like really morbid, planning funerals and what not...haha ahh....It's bad.  But I'm so grateful they had such a good time and for my sisters willingness to travel and my parents willingness to pay and love them!!!!  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

May_2014 Kindergarten Graduation

 My little boy is growing up so fast.  I can't BELIEVE how fast this year flew by!!!

This is Mrs. Bescack Cohen's teacher who was an unbelievable god send in his life.  Cohen is diagnosed with ADHD and started the year with challenging language delays as well.  I was very nervous about starting school.  She was unbelievable with him , helped us fight the REALLY hard fights to get him the help he needs from the IEP team, loved him, and challenged him.  He has come a long way and it is in large part due to her patience and willingness to go the extra mile ....she would make time to talk even if it meant calling me from home during her precious time with her own family.  I am eternally grateful that we could start school on this note!!!  She is leaving this year to work at a private school in Ahwatukee...and it breaks my heart that Brinley won't get to experience her!!  But again, just so greatful. She turned into a friend.  

 So handsome on stage!!!
 Uncle Tyler and Cousin Ashton got to come!!
 I just love the next 2 pictures!!

 The Cohen Fan Club!!!