Thursday, December 30, 2010

Everyday Kids

Every now and then I take a shot of them, it has nothing to do with how old they are, or if it is a special holiday...really just the every day things that make me smile. I am so blessed to be there mom. I wouldn't trade it for anything on the planet. Enjoy!

Cohen is a playful little dude. You think he is tired of the camera? :) lol!

Keeping secrets from Mom already!
BUSTED!!!!! Not only with chocolate on his mouth that did NOT come from me :), but he likes to pretend he is Brinley and play in her walker!
Okay I have a story about this little turkey. I was watching a girl from our ward who's parents were moving...she is 3, I figured she could play with Cohen. And they did...I let them go outside for a little bit....(in the back yard)...I left the door open so they could come in and out.....well she decided to come back in and read stories to Brinley...while Cohen stayed outside...(I was making lunch and everyone was happy.....Well Cohen was going in and out, in and out.....and at one point the little girl comes up to me and says "He is making a mess!!" , I was thinking it's probably toys (this wasn't the first time she was telling him on him...I didn't pay too much attention) I just said, it's okay he can bring his toys out...She shrugged and went back to read to Brinley....5 minutes later I walked into the room and what did I find? Cohen had been bringing dirt, sand and mud from outside and layingit on Brinley's blanket (who was having tummy time) He apparently wanted Brinley to enjoy it and she kept rubbing her face in it...when I walked in she had it caked all over her face...up her nose, in her ears....and she was as happy as can be. I however, WAS NOT!!!!! It's funny now but he got in trouble and the girl I was babysitting just kept saying.."I told you" to me and turned to him and said "Not spose to do that!!!" lol. Little girls are little mommies aren't they!!! I wish so much that I got a picture of it before I cleaned it I was so mad I cleaned it up too fast. :) Next time I'll take a breath first :) Later he came and cuddled on the couch and I said I was sorry , I know you were trying to share but no more dirt in the house.... he said "okay mommy" :)
He is my little Dennis the Menice! And I love him!

Brinley is 4 Months

Brinley is still waking up in the middle of the night but just once. Usually around 3 or 4 to eat, but she goes right to sleep. It is getting BETTER. Her eye lashes are getting long and thick as you can see which keeps mommy and daddy wrapped tightly around her slobbery fingers :)
She spits up non stop for about an hour after she eats...but it doesn't seem to bother her :). No outfit is sacred. When she is not spitting up she is druling all over clothes and still needs to be changed :) We go through about 4 outfits a day.

She is turning into a chatterbox.

And we love her big cheesy grin. She uses it often :) She loves attention.

Family Pictures

Thanksgiving in Vegas

Well we have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, most notably....JERRY GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!! He is working at Hunt Engineering Services Inc. (It's a software engineering firm). They come up with Security software for many government fascilities....military bases that sort of thing.....well they are trying to break into the commercial market (banks, schools that sort of thing) and they have hired Jerry to help head that up. So it's a marketing/business development type position. And he's loving it. This has given us the ability to get out on our own again! We have moved into a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom duplex about 10 minutes away from my parents in Niceville (Florida, for those of you that don't know). We are so so greatful for both Jerry and My parent's for taking us in for the last 19 months.....We are very very blessed to have such amazing family. Anyway, because we were moving into our own place we decided it was time to go get our things in our storage unit in Las Vegas....and we wanted to put it around a holiday so we could see Jerry's we did :) Except we were sneaky and didn't tell Jerry's parents. How we were able to keep that kind of secret is amazing for us!!!! :) lol. As you can see it WAS a suprise.

This is how it went down! We got into town and his parents were at we went to Jerry's Aunt Susan's house up the street to shower and look half way presentable.....then we came down to the house called them on the phone to "Skype" for my birthday (it was my birthday...I'm an old lady) they were confused because they didn't see us on line.........meanwhile we had cohen go into the room and the rest you can see from our pictures!

It was an awesome surprise! Jerry's side of the family had not met Brinley yet.

Cohen was SOOOOOOOO excited to see his cousins!

The kids got some quality Grandma and Grandpa Moser time.

I got some quality sista time!

And Jerry Jerry and the men caught up on some , i guess, much needed xbox time :) lol.
It was so fun to see Great Grandma and Grandpa Waters.

All in all it was a really great, and needed trip. We managed to get most of our stuff on the truck and we went home to move into our new place. :) Busy busy!