Monday, January 30, 2012

Turkey Day- Gobble Gobble!

Well, we had different kind of Thanksgiving this year! We spent it with my mom and went sailing (Yes sailing in November, don't be jealous...but October and November are THE most beautiful months of the year in Florida....well at least in the panhandle that is) We sailed to Harry T's, tied up the boat and ordered thanksgiving dinner, waterfront. It was beautiful. Cohen's favorite part was by far the dolphins that hung out by our boat!!!! He was hillarious. My favorite part was trying to keep Brinley in the boat....girl wanted to touch those dolphins!!!

Happy Halloween! 2011

October is always pretty busy around our house, mainly because I view halloween as a month long holiday. Like Christmas, but more creepy : ). It's always full of Cookie parties with play group, The Corn Maze, the Pumpkin Patch, the Ward Trunk-or -Treat, ACTUAL trick or treating :), gatherings.....and what not :). Again I'm a pretty hard core Halloween Extremist. This year I was dead set on having a family theme for Costumes, and how could we NOT be The Flinstones!!! Have you MET our kids!?!?! Okay, I realize that Bam Bam was actually a Rubble, but if you know COHEN he doesn't have to try that hard to be perfect for the part :). Plus a Dino costume would have been WAY to hot for our Florida October! Anyways, it was good fun. I always take way too many pictures this time of year. Enjoy :)