Friday, July 18, 2008


There has been quite a bit goin on this month!!! First thing is first, my little sister Hannah came out to spend a week with me. She watched Cohen while I went to work and we got to play a little as well! For the 4th of July we went to Jerry's sister Christy's house in Logandale. It was so cute we went to the fair grounds and they had a big breakfast for everyone and they had hangliders flyin over head and throwin candy for all the kids. They also had the fire department out there sprayin everyone with their hoses. It was so fun. We then went swimmin, had a bbq and watched all the fireworks. Hannah was a hit with my nephews. It was pretty cute. Then on Saturday night Hannah and I went to the American Idol Top 10 tour at the Thomas and Mack Center!!! I was so mad because my camera ran out of yes I saw David Cook....your all jealous....i know :) ha ha. It was a blast and fun to do some sisterly bonding! The next week we went to the Shark Reef at Mandalay bay....again...good times.

Here are a couple milestones:

*We started him on solid foods....hasn't been COMPLETELY successful....he did NOT like the rice cereal for a couple weeks.....The look on his face made it seem like we were torturing him.....carots went a LITTLE better...peas not so much....Sweet potatoe's were the best.....I thought he'd love bananna no. It's pretty much bath time after every meal.

* He LOVES the sound of his own voice. and has recently started the "dadadadadada" "bababababhaba" "mamamamamama" although I was at Rachelle's the other day feeding him during my lunch hour and he went in on the "da da da da"....I said "Ma ma ma ma ma" he responded "da da da da" I battled back "ma ma ma ma m"....Okay this went on for awhile.....I guess Dada is the first word :) ha ha. DANG IT!!!!!!

* He is strong enough to sit up on his own but he lacks the balance :) he's getting better and better at it every day though!

* He is the smiliest kid on the planet!!!! SO FUNNY and is so good with others. He gets excited when he sees you coming to pick him up! He kicks his legs so fast!

* He's scootin and rolling over! Still gets pretty frustrated on his stomach however because he wants to move but just can't figure out how to do it.