Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning (sickness)!

Oh Christmas Morning started with morning sickness :) Everyone woke up to the sounds of me throwing up in the bathroom :) Merry Christmas one and all!!!!! lol. I am a pregnant person, I am 9 weeks along with our 2nd child and couldn't be more thrilled! This time around has been a TON easier than with Cohen with whom I was throwing up at least 6 times a day for 16 weeks. I havn't been near as sick this time around but the last couple days I have had some moments...and I think all the Christmas Eve excitement and staying up till a ridiculous hour into the night played a roll on the morning :) But after my little episode, everyone was up and I felt a little better and it was time to go see what Santa brought!!!!!!

Cohen and Maddie were stoked for their sweet new rides!!!!!

Okay, let's just talk about how nearly impossible it is for Jerry and I to surprise each other. We have not had a Christmas yet to where we didn't know exactly what was coming to us....until NOW!!!! Jerry has talked about wanting to take up golfing for awhile now...but it has always been in the "When we can afford it" distant future type deal...well I got a steal on these brand new clubs...It wasn't even something he thought of to ask for which made it even better. He was going nuts all week trying to get it out of me. He was so excited in the morning :) It was almost a gift for me to see him that happy :)
Now I'm kind of mad that I put my camera down during the unwrapping...because Jerry's parents were there and Josh , Jody and Maddie were there....and oh...I was there!! lol :) and it was fun......Jody was taking a few pictures so hopefully she will give me some so I can post them...but anyway...this is the result of Cohen's spoiled Christmas :)..... He had a ball playing all day!!!!! He got lots of noisy toys too!!! :) good times!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Rockin Christmas Eve!

This year we stayed in Vegas with Jerry's family for Christmas. Christmas Eve was our big party with his whole family, and then Josh and Jody spent the night. It was a really good time. Cohen was absolutely spoiled rotten and it was nice to be off work and just be alloud to party! :) Here is a photo run down!

We had the Nativity in which Cohen was a shepherd and Jerry had a "Starring" role :)

It was everything that we love Christmas Eve to be!!! As I said before Josh and Jody spent the night that night so that was fun.....

Turkey Weekend!

We went to Phoenix for Thanksgiving to spend some time with my (Shannon's) side of the family. We ate at my Uncle John's house and then the day after we spent the rest of the time in Sierra Vista where my Grandpa (My dad's dad) lives. It was good to see a lot of extended family that I havn't seen in awhile and a few relatives Jerry and Cohen havn't EVER seen, so it was nice.
This is Skinner Family Fun Day :) The picture was taken at an outdoor mall where we saw Side Line. We started the day out with breakfast at IHOP and then went bowling and then to a movie and then dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Cohen was descent during MOST of the movie but got a little antsy towards the end. His bowling skills are superior, he was so thorough that he chased the ball down the lane with his crazy mom chasin and slippin behind him! Coming out of dinner was interesting, the mall was hosting a rock concert right outside our restaurant...and trying to get Cohen out of there with a stroller was an experience.....I got all these dirty looks like "Who would bring a toddler to a rock concert!!!" And I looked back at them thinking (it's not like the concert was going on when i went IN to the restaurant!!! :) It was classic. It was fun to spend time with the whole fam-dam-ily :)
We then had good ol' Turkey Dinner with Uncle John and Aunt Barb and my cute cousins Kimmy, Katie and Scott!. As well as my Grandpa Skinner. It was delicious. Cohen however fed most of his to their dog.

After all the Turkey Goodness we were off to Sierra Vista, while staying with Gramps out there we went to Tombstone which Jerry had never been so it was kind of a fun thing to do.

We then went to Bisbee which is a town close to the border of Mexico, my grandmother was raised there and my dad spent a lot of his childhood there. It's a sweet hippy town.

A lot of people back in the day were employed in the mines.

This is the house that my Grandma along with the 13 OTHER kids in her family were raised. Can you even believe they fit all those people in there?
Standing on her porch

This is what most of the streets look like there....small, narrow and on wrong move, your off the mountain!

And the rest of our trip was catching up with family. Below are a few of my Grandma's sisters.
My Dad's cousins, aunt and uncle!

We were invited for Menudo....I ate Chili :) I don't eat menudo :).
At Grandpa's house, Beaux's (his dog) bed seemed to be Cohen's favorite place to be!

And finally, we went to my Grandma Skinner's grave. It was weird to be at her house with her not there. I miss her like crazy.

All in all it was a really good 5 days. I love my family.