Monday, July 25, 2011

Wild Day Out and 4th of July

Henderson Beach had a "Wild Day Out" where they had a sand castle building activity on the beach...

They also had the Wild life refugee employees from Fort Walton Beach come and bring a bunch of wild animals...Cohen LOVED it!!! They had squirrels and turtles and snakes......It was a good time.

The 4th of July came and went, we took the kids to the park in the morning followed by some ice cream at McDonalds Play place......we then spent lunch at a bbq.....follwed by naps...Dinner at Pepitos....Then Jerry got SICK after pepitos....that was kind of a he dropped Cohen and I off at the fireworks while he took Brinley home. Cohen and I watched the fireworks over the was fun..... till the fireworks started!!! lol :)Cohen is kind of freaked out by loud noises...he cried the whole time , we had to leave early....good times :) Here are some pics of the kids during the day

Brinley 11 Months

Oh My little chickadee is growing up way too fast, and she is WAY too funny these days!!! She is clapping,waving, playing peak-a-boo, Saying "Hi" "Uh-oh!" "Mama" and "Dada", she has 3 teeth two on the bottom and one funny one on top that just makes that smile tickle your heart even more! She LOVES her brother....

she completely lights, up when he enters the room, Cohen he is wild but is so good wth her, at play group he makes sure that no other babies take her toys....(He of course is the only one alloud to do that when he wakes up in the morning, his first question is "milk?" the next is..."Go get Brinley?"

She hasn't taken her first steps yet...she will walk along the couch, and holding my hands...and even will push things around the house....but the second you let go she sits down :) She just doesn't feel like it!

Loves stories, and making faces at the people behind us in church.....still loves to eat :) and she loves to laugh.

She loves Anything electronic.....from cell phones to remotes to well...EVERYTHING we don't want her to touch :) , she loves bath time...and she still sings/talks herself to sleep. After story and bottle time we lay her in her crib and she grabs onto her blanket and pulls it on top of her as she rolls to her side. When she wakes up in the morning...she is always SO excited when you walk through the door!Her smile will melt your heart, just as her cry will break it...

We just love her so much...I can't believe she is going to be one so soon!