Friday, August 29, 2008

Goin Home

Jerry , Cohen and I got to take a much needed getaway back to my hometown in Virginia! It was wonderful! 75-85 degrees the whole time. The first night we got there we went to Hannah Sweeney's wedding. I was pretty close to her family growing up and it was so neat to see her all grown up. It was a beautiful reception. I was greatful we could make it. The next night we went to Firemans field (baseball field) where they had an army band putting on a free concert. It was all pop music. So we took a blanket and some lawn chairs and just had a nice time...except for the mosquito factor...the only thing i do NOT miss about home!!!!

Then the day we've been waiting for for 2 years!!!!! My brother Tyler came home from his mission!!!! He looked so good. You can tell he felt a little awkward at first but he snapped out of that soon enough. Such a goof him to pieces and it was SOOOOOOOO nice to be able to be there for the event. We also got to see him give his homecoming talk in church and it's just so neat to see how much he's grown into himself and in the gospel. He hadn't met Cohen yet so that was neat too!

We all decided that we wanted to go to the beach so we backed up the car and headed off to Ocean City Maryland for 3 days and 2 nights. It's about 4 hours away from my house. The weather was, so perfect that Jerry and I both got sunburns on top of our mosquito bites. ha ha. sucks! Such is life though right!? we chilled on the beach all day and walked on the boardwalk and went to a free concert on the beach, it was Jimmy Buffett Tribute band. They were descent as far as their music went but...not so funny...and they were trying to be :) really hard. ha ha. Saw some sidewalk performers...had some pretty funny magicians out. Cohen went on walks w/g-ma and g-pa each morning....and just loved it.

We decided since Cohen is now 6 months old we wanted to take a few cute photos...I know, your thinking...this is the most photographed kid EVER!!! :) I'm a proud mama what can I say! He hit a couple milestones on our trip! HE GOT HIS FIRST TOOTH!!! Yes on the bottom. It's very exciting. He also learned (thanks to aunt Hannah) how to hold his bottle all by himself! He's getting so big so fast...I told him to stop it :(. He sure is a fun little guy!

The rest of the time we just chilled at my parents house, relaxed by the pool, had a coming home party for Tyler......It was wonderful....

SO hard to come back to the real world.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I cannot believe how fast time is going by. Cohen is already 6 months and he is just so funny. I think I've told you that he's found his "voice"....well now he's found his scream...he doesn't use it when he's upset or mad....but just so he can here it. It's usuallly when he's in the best mood that we hear "aAAAAHH AAAAAH aAAAH" (high pitch of course). He doesn't like it when mom and dad leave the room....he likes all eyes on him all the time....sheesh you'd think he was an only child! oh wait :).....he is.He loves story time, more because he likes to suck on the book...not so much listen :). He is sitting up all by himself and gets more and more sturdy every day. The diaper changin is becoming less and less of a desirable chore.....being that we have introduced more formula to his diet on top of solid uh....ew. He is also starting to like to see other lil' people his size. He loves his cousins....and they love him to death ( uh...literally) ha ha. He'll be a tough kid ha ha! Anyways...we are going to Virginia on Thursday and we are sooooo excited. My brother is coming home off his mission and it will also be a much needed break for my hard studyin husband and my full time work and mommy schedule. We are excited to take Cohen out there!