Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's a New Year!

We have quite a few things going on this month!

#1  We put the bug in dance class!!!  She's in the
"Princess Combo Class on friday mornings and they do tap, ballet and tumbling!!!
Isn't she cute? 

Once a month they have "dress as a princess" day.  She loves it.

#2  I chopped over a foot of my hair off!

#3 They opened the New Cubs Spring Training Center  and we went to the big party they threw in honor of it!!!  Kids had a great time.  So did Daddy being the baseball fanatic that he is!

#4    We got to go to the Gilbert Temple Open house with our kids and my Uncle Jon, Aunt Barb, Kim, Lucas, Hannah, Lucas, Ian and Lisa.  It was pretty amazing.  It's gorgeous and such a great opportunity to share something so important and sacred to our family with...well...OTHER family.  I'm greatful for temples and for the peace and light that I feel there.

#5  Then there were days that made my heart sing, watching my beautiful kids be kids :)
Anyone in the mood for a Super Hero/Princess Tea Party?

I just love them.

Have yourself a......

We spent Christmas in Mesa this year.  My two sisters (Jackie and Dani) Live here as well so my parents came to us!!  And was it so nice to have Christmas in our house this year!!!  Tyler and Ashley came the day after Christmas and Jerry's parents came Christmas day!!    Only problem is...EVERYONE (parents, grandkids, aunts uncles..EVERYONE) came down with the flu.  Kids were puking on Christmas eve and it made the rounds to everyone else just days after...including myself, which I thought was due to this:
Ha ha!!  I'm prego!!!  Due August 8th!  But it turns out the sickness really was a nasty nasty nasty case of the flu...I know this because it went away!!!.But we are thrilled to be expecting again!!!

...Here are a few pics in december leading up to the festivities!

Mom's Birthday Dinner
Christmas Sunday

Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning

Christmas Night -Temple lights with Grandma and Grandpa Moser!!

It's the first time we have had all cousins/grandkids on my side together!

Yeah, that was cool!!!  
We went on a hike the next day at the wind caves.  Grandpa Moser and Jerry were on their rounds of the flu hence why they are not in the pics.  Dang it!!!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


November brings fun things too!!!  For instance.....
My Grandpa's birthday!!!
It finally brings us a cool morning in this hot desert we live in!!!  Love walking with my kids to school!!I hope they are always so good to each other!
It brings play dates!

And of course school parties/activities to celebrate Thanksgiving!

There is of course my birthday....32 is cool I guess.  And then of course there is ACTUALLY Thanksgiving that we spent in Las Vegas this year.  The below picture is at the Turkey Trot close to the High school I used to teach at.  It was wonderful to spend time with Jerry's side of the fam bam.

So much to be thankful for!!!