Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cousins, Haircuts, The Big 2-7, Twilight, and GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY!

November has been BUSY!!! But too much fun. First of all, all of Cohen's cousins got together at the park to take pictures for Grandma Moser. Here are a few of the highlights!

This is Baby Madeleine

Cohen and Mia

Cameron and Cohen

My sweet boy.

The big boys!!!! Never a dull moment with this bunch!

Shortly after that, Cohen received his very first haircut....I was trying to go for as long as I could because I was a little emotionally attatched and a bit in denial that he's growing up so fast.....but it had to happen. He was startin to look like a hippy! So Jerry's mom cut it. Here is the before and after!

Then before I knew it November 21st was here and I turned 27. I'm turnin into an old lady! ha ha :) Just kidding....I'm 18 at heart :). My mom planned the best lil' treat EVER . We (Me, Cohen, my mom and my little sister Hannah) met in Flagstaff. My mom got a room at the Embassy Suites and we had a Girly+ Cohen Sleep over!!!!
We went to Dinner at Chili's and then of COURSE we went and saw Twilight...was ANYONE doing ANYTHING else that night! :). And then went and chilled at the hotel. It was so fun...till we got sick...Cohen woke up in the middle of the night VOMITING....not talking spit up but, the heaves and everything....I felt so bad for him...well...soon after that my mom started feeling real sick to her stomach...and then morning came and we ate breakfast and came up to the room and then I started feeling sick to my stomach....felt like I did when I was pregnant! For those of you who were around me when THAT was going on...know I don't do sick very well :). We contemplated staying the night again...but were worried if we got worse...we didn't want to be stuck we sucked it up and drove our seperate ways. Even sick though, it was good to be with my mommie and my little sis.
Cohen loved gettin a piece of Grandma Skinner too!
As for Twilight! I liked it...alot. Granted some cheesy parts.....but I liked the casting...the shot it in a beautiful place....I don't really feel that the screen writer was as talented as the AUTHOR...but I enjoyed it. LOVED the baseball game...Loved Charlie...and I don't think they could have picked a better Bella. Okay that's my 2 cents on that....
Onto TURKEY DAY! We spent it with Jerry's Parents. Christy (Jerry's oldest sister) and her family were there too, along with Jerry's Aunt Susan and Uncle Dave and his Cousin Rachel...whom I love and adore :). She can marry my brother if she wants too. No protest here! ha ha :). Jerry's Grandparents were also there for the festivities. It was fun. We stuffed ourselves...played a couple games..and actually spent the night because we were doing proffesional pictures at JCPenney the next morning with all the grandkids. Picture this 12 kids ranging from 2 months to 13 all in the Galleria Mall on Black was loco. But we survived! We also got Cohens 9 month pictures taken of him individually....we figured we hadn't done it since he was 3 months and he HAS changed just a little bit ;) I will post those pictures when we get them back. Here are some pictures of Thanksgiving.

All in all....It's been a pretty good month...and now CHIRSTMAS HERE WE COME!!!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Look who is 9 MONTHS!!!

Cohen is now EVERYWHERE!

Hes crawling like a pro. He's bringing himself to the standing position with no problem.

He'll even take steps if we are holding both his hands. He's obsessed with Jerry's ears and my hair....loves to pull, grab,'s kind of a painful thing on OUR part :) but it makes him smile, so we make the sacrifice :).

HE SAID MAMA LAST NIGHT!!!! TWICE!...and then not again....but he said it!! I have witnesses! He's experimenting more with his voice too....tries to imitate our laughs, he is FASCINATED by the phone...especially when he hears a voice on the other end...he concentrates so hard...then if it's a voice he or dads...his face lights up. I took him to the park last weekend...and we tried out the baby swings...oh...he LOVED it...giggled the whole time. We love this boy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well this Halloween was oh too much fun :) It started two weeks ago when Jerry's cousin Cheryl had a Halloween party in which Jerry's whole side of the family was there with their Cohen had lots of photo opportunities with the cousins

Then about a week later my brother came into town which was SUCH a treat! We set him up on a blind date then went to the pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, told Ghost Stories (till I wussed out that is) and played games. It was fun!

Then finally the big day!!!! Okay so as you can see Cohen has like 3 costumes....we are blessed to have a lot of boy cousins that we get some fun hand me downs and we got a few costumes, and we figured he wasn't going to fit them next year so we tried to find excuses to wear all three! Enjoy! Anyway, we got all dressed up and went with Josh and Sephonnie Ellis (Along with their son and now Cohen's little buddy, Judson) to our wards Trunk r' Treat. I was surprised how well the turn out was. There was food , candy and fun for all :) Then we came home and watched the Corpse Bride. And Cohen wore his Skeleton pajamas to bed! What a night!