Sunday, June 29, 2008


My parents, Cohen, Jerry and I all went to Marysvale Utah for a family reunion. It was for the Hamilton Reunion..which it was all my Grandpa's siblings on my mom's side of the family and can I just say we had a BLAST!!!!! We left on Thursday night after work and met my parents in springdale (for those of you who don't know where that is it is at the mouth of Zion National Park.) we stayed the night there with some good friends an were off in the morning to Marysvale....don't blink you might miss driving through it. We stayed in these little mini cabins and the first day there Jerry and I took a ride on the ATV's and then joined the whole group for a White Water Rafting Trip on the Seveir River. AMAZING!!!! The next day we went on a 14 mile ATV ride on the Paiute Trail it was soooo beautiful and so fun...and yes don't worry Cohen came too....I know I'm a horrible mommy! ha ha. Nah he was in great hands with my mom and my dad drove very careful....not Jerry and I however we were plowin through that mountain!!! Best family reunion EVER. It was cool that so many people got to come and that it worked out that EVERYONE was able to be on that ride....I was amazed with how many ATV's we had there!!! Anyways, back to the real world. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Jerry and I are so blessed to have such amazing papas!!! So supportive in everything we do, so warm, so compassionate....we wouldn't be the people we are today nor would we have the marriage we have today if it wasn't for their amazing examples. Jerry just celebrated his first fathers fun...Cohen even got him a card!!! All by himself (okay with my help) but he signed it with his handprint and everything!!!!!. He is so amazing with him. No one makes Cohen laugh harder than his daddy. I love all these men in my life!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 Year Anniversary!

Engagement Picture

1 Year
8 Months Prego
Our Little Creation :)

Jerry and I have been married two years today. It is INSANE how fast time has gone by. He is my heart and my soul. I couldn't have asked for anyone more perfect for me because it doesn't exist. He's an amazing father and such a supportive and patient husband....and I can't wait for the infinity years ahead of us.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

My boss took our whole office along with a bunch of other Dentist offices to a 51's game last night. The 51's is minor leagues. It's the farm team for the Dodgers. Anyway we took Justin and Rachelle (my brother and sister in law-Rachelle watches Cohen a couple days a week while I'm at work). It was super fun!!!! Cohen was so good!!!!

African Whistles

Okay this story is just way to funny to not blog about. So my sister...mentioned her a few times....she is in Africa heading up a nonprofit organization called HELP International....well she's livin with a bunch of chicks in one house and they took their garbage out a couple weeks ago....and the next morning....there are a whole bunch of kids, running around like it's Christmas Morning...a few of them go up to Jackie saying..."Look at our whistles!!! look at our whistles!!!" My sister looks down and they have used tampon aplicators in their mouths. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Groty!!!!! She didn't know what to do...they were SOOOOO excited to have them....anyways......thought I'd share.....She said it was soooo gross and 1/10th really funny. crraaaaazy.


I have been tagged by Lindsey AllenTag rules:

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1. My favorite food is the Potato. Any way it is cooked....mashed, baked, fried...french fries, tater tots, name it....I LOVE IT!!!
2. I had knee surgery in 10th grade. Tore my ACL playing soccer.
3. Pens without caps drive me CRAZY
4. I won American Idol Tickets on the radio last week....first time winning ANYTHING on the radio.
5. If my shower isn't burning the skin off my body it is too cold
6. I have sensitive teeth I can't just bite into a popsicle I have to use only my lips to bite it.

4 Months Old!!!!!

Cohen has hit the whoppin 4 month mark. He is getting humongous! Not sure if I spelled that right....but ANYWAY!!! He has doubled his birth weight and out grown most of his 0-3 month clothes. He has discovered his toes and figured out how to bring them (as well as pretty much everything else he touches) to his mouth. He sucks on everything. He is still a puke machine...I'm not going to be sad when that is over :)! He pretty much has one toy that he's interested in and that is the turtle that is in the picture....LOVES that thing. He is also trying so hard to talk. I am posting a mini video. When he knows he's about to eat he gets really inpatient, then when i start to feed him he just wants to play. He is a flirt!!!!So smiley and he loves being bounced on the bed or on mom or dad's leg. His legs are sooooooo strong. I swear he seems closer to walking than he does crawling. The BYU onesy picture is for my sister. I personally don't believe in brain washing my young :) ha ha! but she bought it for him and is in Africa for the time being and therefore I will humor her :)