Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Resolution


He will be 3 at the beginning of Feb. and the kid can care less :). I'm getting aggressive now!!! I thought for sure when I had Brinley that he would be done.....well Brinley is 5months old and there is no end in site!!! lol :) He does get excited when he does go in the potty ....but not excited enough to ever tell us...he could spend all day in his wet poopy diaper.... ugh. Baby steps....but again...


She is just the happiest thing on earth. As I said last month...MAJOR chatter box....we hardly last 10 minutes in sacrament meeting because she just wants to hear her voice....

SHE LOVES the JUMPER....and she is getting good at it! She gets so excited when you look at her and start to bounce too.

She is rolling over and doing well at lifting herself up on her tummy. She scoots on her back...she will end up across the room and her little bald spot on the back of her head is evidence of it. she does it in her the point that she pushes her head into the crib and then she is frustrated and cries :)

She has taken to Rice cereal like a champ...I remember my son pulling the worst faces, like it was the nastiest thing on earth...not her...even the first time...she gobbled it right up :).

She is still a constant spitter upper.....Not gonna lie, I'm not gonna be sad when that phase is over :).

Her brother has been climbing into her crib to show her the music box that she got from push a button and it plays music and the animals move and what not....he loves to tell her about it.

The other day Brinley and her cousin La Rae were on tummy time on the play matt and I had put two toys in front of them and LaRae started to be interested in Brinley's ......Cohen saw what was happening and was NOT having it...he went over and took it out of LaRae's hand and said..."Dat BINLEYS!!!!!!!" "DIS RAE's" :) it was so so cute. Being a protective older brother already...ya know when he's not putting mud on her face....(see old post). Anyway, they are fun. I'm lucky.

Happy New Year

New Years Photo Shoot on the Beach

Christmas 2010

Well we had Christmas with my side of the family this year...all of my siblings came to Florida so that was fun.We had Christmas Eve at our new place and decorated cookies, played games and read book called "God Bless your way". We then ate our yummy traditional breakfast at my moms place and opened up family gifts with my mom and my dad. Then had Christmas Dinner at my dads. Too much yummy food and lots of love to go around. I'm blessed to be born into the family I was and so blessed that I got to create one of my own. I love my husband and my wonderful kiddies. Here is a run down of the week in pictures!

This was taken the Sunday before Christmas, just before church.

The girls loved their Uncle Ty

The Whole Familia

Yummy Cookies!

This picture was taken after Christmas actually. We got to meet Tyler's fiance Ashley finally, she came a couple days after Christmas and stayed till New Years. She's a terrific addition and so good for Tyler. They are getting married in February in Idaho.
Cohen was very excited when he got his trains and cars and all sorts of fun things....
but when he opened this....NOTHING else existed :) He LOVES Toystory, and took Buzz and Woody everywhere we went!!!
My little beauty got spoiled as all little beauties should! lol :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!