Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Family

Jerry and I are so blessed to come from such amazing families, words can't adequately express how greatful we are for them and the way they've raised us. we only hope and pray we can be half the parents our parents have been to us as we venture into raising our new LITTLE family. We thank God everyday for these relationships in our lives. My sister is going to Africa and listening to her talk about how it is out there it just makes me wonder, why do some kids get so lucky and then some get born into conditions like out there. It seems unfair but I'm sure there's a method to our creators madness.


Cohen will be 12 weeks on Monday. I can't even BELIEVE how fast time is going by. He slept through the night for the very first time on Wednesday night and went round two last night (Thursday). 2 days in a row!!! It is sooooooooooo nice to be able to get a descent nights sleep uninterupted. We put him in a new toy the last couple weeks and he loves it. Here are a couple pictures.

Drag Races

Jerry's dad got tickets to the drag races, so I left Cohen with his mom and we had a fun lil' outing.! It was so fun and so loud!!!! Jerry even got a picture with one of the racers. I tried to get them to let me drive......but apparently they frown on that....DANG IT!!! But we got to sit in the suites with free food and fun for all. Good times!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cohen Tyler Moser

Cohen is almost 3 months and he keeps us laughing. He is super strong and I swear he is going to walk before he can crawl....he'd rather be on his feet than his belly any day. He's smiling up a storm and has turned into a little bit of a copy cat already!!! He likes to put his lips in an "o" and talk to us...we'll do it back to him and he'll copy us over and over again. It's adorable.
I realized i got so caught up into talking about us as a family in my last post that I neglected Cohens birth story:) Well here goes....
I was very very sick for much of my pregnancy with Cohen...I'm talkin pukin in the car on the way to work...spending more time in the bathroom than at my desk once I WAS at work....every smell was just to seemed to be the only thing I didn't puke immediately (eventually...but not immediately, I was at the take what I can get point...ya know eating things that tasted just as good going down as coming ice cream! :)) Anyway.....Cohen was supposed to be due February 9th. One saturday night I started feeling contractions that were unfamiliar, I learned later...I was in "Back Labor" I had been having contractions pretty early when I felt this I wasn't so sure....but i was having them about every couple hours...I didn't sleep very I didn't go to church the next day (Feb. 3rd) through the day about every hour or so I would feel intense pain in my lower back....but I wasn't sure it was real labor...I kept going about my day.....That sunday was Superbowl Sunday we had John and Erica Huff over for the game......well, those pains started going every 45 minutes.......but it was mom called making sure I would let her know when I was going into labor....(She was living in Pinetop, 6 hours a she wanted time to get there) I still wasn't real sure that that was what I was time went by the Giants and Patriots were battling it the end of the first half, I became pretty sure that I was in labor (I called my mom and told her, she left immediately).....but my doctor told me to wait till I was 3-5 minutes a part before getting to the hospital, well by half time I was 15 minutes....It wasn't that fun, there were moments that I shed a few tears and spent much of the game on my hands a knees, felt a little silly in front of Erika and John.......but Iwas super into the the end of what was supposed to be the game....I was at 5 minutes...but the game went into I waited.....stressed my poor hubby out...but I was a good little sports fan!!! The Giants won..... By the time the game was over I was at 3 minutes...John and Erika went home and we were off to the hospital, Jerry was so cute........scrambling for everything , calling almost everyone we know. I just thought...I hope my mom gets there in time.....well we got to the hospital at 9:30...they checked me I was at a 4 ...they gave me an epidural (Thank HEAVENS-it was awesome, not gonna lie) an hour later....they broke my water, I was then at an 8 by 11pm. They started preppin me to push at midnight....waited for the doctor for a while....pushed for 25 minutes, and out he came at 1:39am Feb. 4th weighting 7lbs 7oz. 20 1/2 inches long. The worst part was by far at home...through my contractions....recoving from the epidural was a close second. But as far as labor itself....heavenly father loves me...he knows I'm a baby and couldn't handle much more :) . So that is that.....My mom got there then next morning....where I then learned that in the middle of the night just outside of Kingman she was going about 80 mph on the highway and found some black ice and skidded out of control and ended up in a ditch. She said she thought she was gonna die. Oh thank heavens she didn't, not sure I could have handled the birth of my son and the death of my mom on the same day.....she decided she was too tired and didn't want to risk it after that so she spent the night in Kingman and got to the hospital in the morning. I was really really glad to see her. Words can not adequately describe the feelings of bringing a baby into this world. You hear that all the time, but you don't really know until you experience it. It is amazing how much you can love this little person after just one glimpse. One sound, he's perfect. Jerry is going to be an incredible father. It's crazy, sitting in the hospital, Jerry sleepin in the cot next to me and baby on the other the wee hours of the morning, it hit me. I'm a mother. My heart was so full. My mom eventually left (2 weeks later) Jerry went back to school and work and it was me and my little boy. It's hard but wonderful getting to know my little guy. Figuring out his cries, and seeing the 1st seeds of his personality. He's too funny, I can tell already :) Anyway it was torture knowing I had to go back to work.....and I am now...and it sucks....but my sister in law Rachelle is a complete angel and is taking good care of him during the day. Can't wait till it's me home :) In due time :)

Moser Clan

This is my attempt to join the year 2008 and finally get a blog! :) Hope all of you will keep up. Jerry and I have so much to be thankful for. We are living in Las Vegas. Got married June 10th of '06, and our sweet baby boy Cohen Tyler Moser was born on February 4, 2008. He'll be 3 months next week. We have absolutely turned into one of those married couples that talkabout their kid 90 percent of the time. He's just to cute to leave out of the conversation :). Anyways as for Jerry and I....He's still pluggin away through school....he has decided against medicine and is now trying to do either marketing or international business so he can put some of that Russian speakin to good use. I was teaching theatre at Las Vegas High School in '06 and '07 but the 65 hour work week just wasn't jivin with where I'm at in my life at the present time. So I got a job working for an orthodontist, workin 4 days a week. It's a little more convenient for this time of our life. It's sad that I can't be home with my little boy...but he's in good hands with my sister in law, while we try to get Jerry through school so i CAN be home. His schedule is actually pretty he's with Cohen on Mondays and Wednesdays after 11 am, then Tuesdays and Thursdays after 3. Then of course I'm off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So if it HAS to be this way....well this is the way I'd like it....with family at least. Love to hear from you all! Have a grrrrrreat day!