Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kindergarten Field Trip to Vertuccio Farms_ 11/2013

I feel so so blessed to be able to be a stay at home mom.  Though hard....I just feel so lucky to have the ability to be able to volunteer in my kids class....go on field trips etc.  This field trip in particular was a pretty fun one.  I was in charge of Cohen and Manny

 and as you can see we had some fun learning about how things grow on the to feed the animals, games/corn maze etc.

Sure do love this boy to the moon and back!


 I just love love love love LOVE Halloween!!!!  Here are some pics of the festivities!!!  Brinley got lots of attention as Merida from "Brave", Rae rae as the cutest little witch on the block!  And of course the Mighty THOR!!!

 That whig kills me!!!! She was so cute!
These were taken at the Yelp Halloween party!!!   Kids had a blast!!!

Fall is in the Air!_10/2013

So Jerry got called into the Elders Quorum Presidency at church and  we have become really good friends with the families of the other guys in the presidency.  We all have kids around the same it's fun.  Anyway,  we got invited to go to a cabin outside of Strawberry with The Walkers and the Whitings.    

We had a great time!  They had Razors,

 and I thought the kids would be freaked out but all I could here is "Go Faster go faster!!!"  

And Blake was already driving like a bat out of hell, 

but even the girl always begged "FASTER".  lol :)  There were a whole bunch of trails to go through and the leaves were just changing , it was beautiful. 

 We did smores in the fire pit at night and found creatures 

and just enjoyed each others company. 

 Happy Kiddos!

 It was a nice getaway from what seems like never ending heat of Phoenix.  

Girls Night 2013

While the guys are away.... (Father/Son Campout)

The Girls will Play!!!
             Mom:  Brinley, what do you want to do for girls night?
Brinley:  Paint my nails and climb a mountain!
(I love her)

Didn't have time to climb a mountain but dinner and nails it is!!!

Photo Shoot with Aunt Dani- 9/2013

My sister has been trying her hand at photography since she got a new camera and decided to get some shots of the kiddos one day while babysitting!!!  We got some real cute ones !   She did a great job!!!

She got some real cute ones of just Brinley...Cohen was less cooperative!  lol

 She's a beauty isn't she.  Pretty sure we may have to lock her in the closet when she's a teenager to keep the boys away.  lol

Also got some real cute pics of cousin Rae Rae!! This first one is my favorite!!!

Love these kiddos. 
Brinley 3 yrs- Cohen 5 yrs- Rae Rae 3 yrs