Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brinley is 7 Months

7 months and we have gotten MOBILE!!!!!!!! She has been getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth for the last week or so.....and today there was bullseye (the horse from toy story) sitting in our living room minding his own business....then Brinley spotted him....she stared him on all fours....rocked once.....twice....and she was gone with her eye on the prize she crawled over to him so quick and gave him a total slobber bath.
She seemed SO pleased with herself...Daddy got her to do it is now operation "baby proof" the house all over again. Because to be honest......she was into everything when she could roll's only goingto get better! :) she is so cute.

She has developed what we lovingly refer to as the "Stink eye"
She also thinks her brother is like the funniest person on earth. Which he probably is :) but it's cute that she thinks so. She laughs at him all the time, even when he's not TRYING to MAKE her laugh :)

She has also out grown her bumbo and is now sitting in her new chair! She loves it, well it's like she knows the second that she's put into it that she is getting something delicious to eat!

You can tell she is developing quite the little personality...and it seems like those big blue eyes just get bigger and brighter every day. she is a joy to have in our little family.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tyler and Ashley's Wedding

*Condom shopping with Tyler. stinking hillarious. They ended up being up at the front of the store in a glass case right in front of a check out line :)...
*Hanging out with the Sisters.

*The Groom's dinner

Where he received the following from his sisters:
-A nightlight from me, because I scared him pretty bad when we were little and just in case they watch a scary movie it will be on hand.
-A harmonica from Jackie, because he hums when he is mad, she thought him and Ashley can have a jam session when they got mad at each other.
-A bunch of pink razors from Dani, because Tyler seemed to like to use her razors all the time.
-And a Calendar from Hannah so he wouldn't forget things that he tends to forget.... :) like birthdays....special holidays and what not.

*The sealing in the Twin Falls temple. I was so so proud of my brother and so excited to have Ashley added to our family for eternity.

*Watching Tyler's eyes get wide when they said it was time for the ring exchange...(luckily we brought it :) lol.

*Visiting with family that I hadn't seen in awhile.

*Oh I almost forgot Ashley's bachelorrette party, where a very mormon stripper (only went down to his undershirt and took off his belt....) made a surprise appearance....Ashley almost cried. It was hillarious. Wish I had a video camera.

*Celebrating Hannah's birthday at TGI Fridays.

*Hotel Hopping

*Catching up with Tyler's old High school and college friends. He had several people who came from very long distances and it was a ball to see them.

*The reception in Boise. They had it in this beautiful little coffee shop, it had Art all over the walls and yummy deserts. Very beautiful.

*Visiting with my Uncle Ben and Aunt Jill and my cute cousins in Salt Lake while waiting for my flight.

All in all, we had a very busy ball of a time. Welcome to the family Ashley!

Moser Family Pics 2010

These were taken when we were in Vegas during Thanksgiving, I'm a little late in posting them obviously!!! Enjoy!