Monday, April 12, 2010

Air Show

My Dad, Cohen and I decided to check out the Airshow at Eglin Airforce base! It was a pain getting there but so worth it for the time we got to spend there. Cohen loved to see the planes far in the air doing tricks (when we were in line for the shuttle every time one would fly over he'd get so excited and just start yellin baby jib jab at it. It was cute) however when they brought the big, crazy loud jets out that flew real close he freaked out. He was way scared, and wouldn't stop crying. But BEFORE that, he got to sit in a mini STEALTH FIGHTER,

it was fun trying to get him out of that thing...he did NOT want to give anyone else a turn. He loved it. And Grandpa even bought him a toy one. He's a spoiled boy. It was a fun day with 2 out of the 4 best guys in my life! (miss my number one hubby of course and my bro)

Good Times.


Easter was kind of a bitter sweet experience this year....bitter in the sense that holidays are NOT the same when your hubby's across the country, but sweet in the sense that I got to be here for my dad's birthday for the first time in a LONG LONG time. So that was really cool.

And bitter sweet in the sense that Cohen is starting to understand holidays a little more so it is so fun to watch him (this of course is sad too because Jerry is missing it. Though as you can see we died easter eggs together via skype!!!aka the best invention in the world.)

I was a little bummed because we thought we had the BYU channel and we don't, so I missed conference (well I saw the last three talks -Monson included on the live internet broadcast) but I'm looking forward to catching up in the ensign. I hear it was amazing I cannot wait. Anyways, here are a few pictures of the morning.

Happy Easter Everyone!