Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cohen's 1st Day of Nursery!

Oh my little boy was so handsome today, ready for the first day of his Nursery career :). There were no tears just joy of all the toys, and songs, and snacks and BUBBLES being his favorite :). I wish I could have gotten a picture in the actual class but I decided to cool it :) ha ha. Here is right before church!

I peaked in in the middle of singing time and snack time and he looked like such a big boy on his seat and just seemed to be taking it all in :) It was adorable. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall the whole time :)!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

18 Months!!!!

Where is the pause button!?!?!?! We've hit out 18 month milestone and I'm sure Cohen is going to LOVE going to nursery on Sunday. People ask me "Do you think he'll be okay?" and my response is...."Absolutley!" Cohen LOVES to play with other will be like "Mom who?" I'm sure. So.....Here is the rundown!

Cohen is now taking just one nap a day.

LOVES to dance. I've been getting in the habit of turning music on when I get home from work and we both dance like nobody's watchin!!! He loves it and that makes me LOVE it! :).

My mother in law bought a little baby pool for him and you should have seen him when they were blowning it up!!! He was jumpin up and down so excited!

They also invested in a bench swing and he absolutely loves to rock. It's one of the few times I can get him to sit still and snuggle with me.

Jerry has taught him to cheer for The Braves. Jerry is obsessed with baseball and watches it all the time and is always cheering at the TV well Cohen has caught on, the other day I walked in the house and he was cheering and yelling baby nonsense at the T.V. It was hillarious.

He has learned to open the doors in the house. I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me, all of the sudden there he was grinnin' that cheeky grin like he was so proud of himself. Today I was getting ready to go to costco, I had just got his shoes on and went into the kitchen to get my phone...I came back out and the front door was open and he was out! Scared me to death (mainly it just scares me because he likes to go into the street.) But he was just eating rocks in the yard don't worry. Oh wait STOP EATING ROCKS COHEN!!!! :).

I got to take him to work with me yesterday and this short, cute mexican man came Cohen is not such a shy kid...he goes up to random people all the time....I think it's curiosity...but man it was like Cohen new this guy in the pre existance or something!!! He went up to him right when he walked in the door put his arms up for him to pick him up and then just started laughing and playing with his face! The guy was so cute with him...he put him down and they started throwing a bouncy ball back and forth and everytime cohen would throw it to him he would pretend to drop it really dramatically and Cohen was laughing so hard I know his stomach had to hurt. The ladies that I work with were all coming out of their offices to see what he was laughing at. Well it came time for the man to leave and Cohen gave the saddest most pathetic puppy lip face and then just bawlled. The man came back to make sure he was okay.....then left and Cohen seriously looked like someone ran over his puppy. It was so sad. I was amazed. He's done that with Jerry and I before or like when he's forced to come inside...but I've never seen him instigate to that extent to a stranger. Makes you wonder :) They must be kindred spirits :) Or maybe Cohen was getting in touch with his Mexican roots :) I don't know.

His new thing is standing on the arm of the couch. Drives me crazy because I know he's going to fall off it one of these days. He knows he's not supposed to but he always seems to do it the second we turn our head. Little turkey. He's doing a funny thing though when we reprimand him....We'll say "no" and like tap his nose or something (I don't know why) but he'll look at us and then hit himself in the head, like he's Dobby from Harry Potter punishing himself or something...He always does it when we talk firm to him. Funny kid.

We are going to Florida to visit my parents in a week and we're gettin kind of freaked out about the plane ride...mainly because it is a red eye and we have a 4 hour layover in North Carolina. And if Cohen was a little older and a little younger it might not be so bad.....but hopefully it being a red eye will cause him to want to sleep the whole time and not cause him to FIGHT sleep and just be grouchy the whole time...we just don't want to be "those people" on the plane. :). We figure we'll let him run around crazy to tire himself out at the airport so HOPEFULLY he'll crash on the plane. Wish us luck. We have a little buddy to help us's a harness :) Yes I'm putting my kid on a leash...I swore I'd never do it....but at least it's a cute leash that subs as his friend and backpack :).

He's definitely knowing what he wants and how to get it these days....If your not paying attention and he wants you to pick him up or something he'll get between you and the counter and push you out so you'll look at him and pick him up. He's a smarty that's for sure.

He is still full of kisses and singing and book loving.

He loves to play with other kids (Especially his cousins).

This kid raising is sure a fun ride :) Stay tuned.