Saturday, July 25, 2009


Today we celebrated my 2 nephew's birthdays...Ian (7) and Gage (6).

It was at the Whitney Ranch fun for families...has fun waterfalls and toys for kids and water slides and a deep end for people that wish they were still kids! It was fun stuff!

Okay, here is also a catch up of a couple fun summer memories.
For the 4th of July we went to Logandale. I described a little of what we did in my previous blog...but here are some pictures from right before the fireworks! It was a pretty full day and Cohen got like an hour nap so he was PRETTY tired at this point if you can't tell!

The next set of pictures are from Grandpa Moser's Birthday party. They took all the kids to the park and as you can see had some water fun! Cohen was freakin hillarious. His pants were fallin off the whole time but no matter he just had a ball.

Though it's been a crazy busy summer with me workin' full time and Jerry schoolin' full time we have tried to take some time to play :) so important! We have fun. We are going to get a bit of a vacation here in 3 weeks...we're going to Florida for 10 days to visit my family and we can't wait to just chill before the CRAZINESS that will be fall. The countdown begins!

Friday, July 10, 2009

17 Months Old!

This is a picture of Cohen at our "4th of July" Celebrations. The volunteer fire department had like 4 trucks there and were sprayin everyone with hoses. I wasn't so sure how Cohen would like it...being that at the park near us there is a fun water spot where it shoots out of the ground and there are things that spray at you, he loved to go close...but once he saw the water was about to touch him, he ran away laughing. Well this time....he was runnin through that hose so fast!! He was drenched and loving every second of the chaos around him! I wish we got more shots of that...but trust me it was the cutest and funniest thing you have ever seen in your life!

Things Cohen Says:
Mom, Dada, Mama, Diaper, Soft, Shoes , "guck" (meaning "TRUCK), Up,"a-meh" (meaning "Amen"), Hi, Bye, Hot, Stop, "un" (meaning "One") and Ouch...His Grandpa Moser said that he heard him say "ni-night" last night. I didn't hear it, DANG IT!

It is funny because we have been teaching Cohen to be "Soft" so when we remind him...he takes his hand and rubs your cheek lightly and says "ssooooooooft" He was doing it to Madelyn last night and he just warms my lil heart!!

Grandma Skinner was trying to teach Cohen how old he is via Skype, For those of you that don't know it's a free way to call someone through your computer...but you can talk face to face to the person you are speaking being that my side of the family lives forever away in Fl., we chat that way so they can see Cohen from time to time......Well....she would as "Cohen, How old are you?" and she'd yell "ONE" and raise her finger....well a few days later I asked him , just curious if he remembered or was payin attention....sure enough he put his one finger up and said "UN!" at the top of his lungs :) it was cute.

Songs Cohen Sings:
Since Jerry was in the Wizard of Oz, all throughout the house, all we here is "Oh-EEE-Oh, oOOOooh" It's so funny. He loves the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" And loves to make my hands clap in the Monkey and Aligator song.

Cohen has gone a whole month without getting SICK!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

We did have a bit of scary experience though....Cohen went down for a nap, and managed to get to one of the picture frames and it shattered in his crib. My father in law found him and there was blood soaked through the sheets and on his toy that sings him to sleep.....Ran to grab my husband...and so so sad. We were SO lucky that it only took a little chunk of his finger and a little cut on his foot and not a chunk of an ARTERY or that he didn't try to swallow it...but he is okay now....we just felt super bad because we wern't sure if it happened before or after his nap...because he fusses before he goes to sleep anyway....I felt so sick.

He has learned to climb on things to get to OTHER things that he wants. He's a mischievious little guy that is for sure.

I found him in the bathroom one day putting the roll of toilet paper along with like 5 toys in the toilet!

He will point to his nose, eyes, mouth, ears, head, and toes on request (We're workin on the belly button!)

His favorite books- Bubbles Bubbles (Elmo)
Does a Kangaroo have a Mother Too?
Goodnight Moon
Buzz Buzz Busy Bees
Good Morning , Good Night

Likes to watch "Sesame Street" and "So you think you can dance" with mom. He will dance right along with them! Twirlin and whirlin! ha ha..He LOVES music.

Loves to give kisses...especially to his little cousin Madelyn. Pretty funny's cute now....we'll lay down the law about cousin lovin' later :) oye.

He has 10 teeth

He also went on his first walk without his stroller today, he got to walk like a big boy around the whole block.....and loved every second of his freedom...especially the firehydrines.

An infectious grin and adorable laugh. And the best thing....ONE MORE MONTH TILL NURSERY!!! ha ha :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

We're off to see the Wizard!!!!!

For those of you that don't know, Jerry and his brother Josh recently starred in "The Wizard of Oz" for a charity organization that benefits senior citizens in the Las Vegas area. They performed a 10 night run at the Summerlin Library. Jerry was the cowardly lion, and Josh was the tinman and they did wonderful. Jerry's King of the Forrest stole the show every night, he really does have a gift for comedy! :) And Josh's voice is just always amazing and his costume looked better than the original I swear! They were both stashing icepacks under their costumes because obviously they were a little toasty. I have more pictures that I will add to this post a little later when I can find the chord to the camera we are using for the time being. Jerry and I did "Once upon a mattress" with this group before and it is just a fun thing to be apart of. I didn't do the show this year...mainly working full time and i didn't want what little time i DO have with Cohen, to consist of "don't touch that" "Cohen come here!" " hold on while I don't pay attention to you" mommy side needed to be the priority...time and a season I guess...but it was so fun helping Jerry and Josh with their make up and quick changes back stage. Jerry is seriously the funniest lion EVER!!!!!!

I also neglected FATHERS DAY....well not really, but I usually do something on my blog and I didn't...and I have quite a few fathers to be greatful for.
1st, my father-

My dad is probably the most supportive, funny and friendly member in the mafia! ha ha :) jk about the mafia part, that only LOOKS true :)...but all the other things ARE so true. He knows how to make strangers off the street his best friend in like 5 minutes flat. He knows how to work and play and he knows how to relax. We never had any kind of doubt of his love for us, and he pushed us to always do what makes us happy, and is always there when things are NOT so happy. He loves his family above all else and it makes us all feel like a million bucks....I always said that I wanted to marry someone just like him and I think I got lucky and got pretty darn close....On to Amazing Dad #2- My hubba.

Jerry is all those things I said about my own wonderful dad but with his own "Jerri-esque" qualities :) He will drop everything at the drop of a hat to help someone in need. No one can make Cohen laugh like Daddy. They are both just hams. I'm so greatful for his sense of humor, his love, his spirit, and his ability to calm the the fussy toddles, and to make me want to be better and better everyday. He has my trust, my hand, and my heart. His daddy raised him right! Which brings me to Jerry Sr.-

It amazes me how much time he puts into his kids and their interests even after they are out of the house. Whether it's staying up till 3 A.M. helping Josh with a model for school, singing with his sons for a funeral, designing Jerry's make up for the play...spending hours looking for COSTUME pieces for the play....Or making dinner almost every Sunday..You can tell he eats, sleeps and breathes for his family and I'm so greatful to have become apart of it.

All of these men are so dear to my heart , I'm so so blessed.