Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday and Happy Easter!

So with my camera being broken, I've been super lame on the picture taking :( I didn't have it for my wonderful Hubby's birthday....NOR did I have it for Cohens first Easter Egg hunt...But My darling Cousin in law and friend Marissa took some family pictures for us Yesterday....THANK YOU MARISSA!!! And I think my sister in law Melissa had her camera at the "Hunt" :) so hopefully I'll see those soon too!!! So stay tuned.... Let's talk about my cute hubba first. He turned 25 on the 9th and is just the best thing in my life. He works so hard for us and loves Me and Cohen so completely. Jerry's parents came over and watched Cohen while Jerry and I went to this charming little french restaurant that over looked the water...all the palm trees were lit up and it was just what we needed and wanted:). Very romantic. Anyways, afterwards we went home and had cake with Cohen and Jerry's parents....and He got spoiled. He has never been to a pro baseball game before and he is OBSESSED with the Braves...and I found out they were playing the diamond backs in Arizona next I got him tickets....he is SOOO excited...Jerry's parents got him a cool Braves Jersey for the event and Little Cohen scribbled in a cute card and got him the movie "Bedtime Stories" :) It was a pretty fun nightfor a pretty fun guy. He seriously still makes me laugh so hard. So that was on Thursday....On Friday went to the Clark County Fair with most of Jerry's siblings and their family...and that was fun....just a little colder and windier than we liked...considering we're all getting over being sick...but Cohen LOVED the animals.... And there were some cute shows and of COURSE FAIR FOOD!!! Then yesterday (Saturday) we met marissa in the morning for family pictures! She did so good. We were so lucky to have her expertise on hand. But it was pretty interesting with Cohen....he just did NOT want to be held...and did NOT want to sit still. SO frustrating :)...finally I remembered bribery...(fruit snacks) and at least he would sit still for the minute :)..We took pictures with Jerry's whole family and it got interesting...with dogs and toddlers and 13 grand kids.......ha ha. It was good to do and GOOD to be THROUGH!!! :) Then we went to the Waters Family Picnic (which is Jerry's Mom's side of the family) Cohen went on his first hunt! Jerry held one hand and I held the other and we would swing him....he loved that.....every few steps till we got to the eggs (we had to work fast- Those big kids mean business!). He got like 6 of them and was very clueless but very excited to have something bright to play with!!! It was a fun picnic!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Cohen woke up the other day...his fever had gone down and he had an apt. with the lung specialist next I decided to not take him in...however we did need to get a lung xray for the specialist in time for that apt. so I took advantage of the day off work. Well the radiologist said no signs of pnemonia (yay!) but he has Bronchilitis (DANG IT!!!), considering that's what got him hospitalized a couple months ago, I suddenly didn't feel so good about waiting the week for the I took him to his pediatrician....and got a whole bunch of medicine...upped his breathing treatments at home......oh...and found out he had an Ear Infection too, just to top it all off. Cohen has been a different child lately. just MAD and crabby...and needy....and frustrated.. Part of what has been so hard in the past has been that Cohen is ALWAYS it was hard to know when to really bring him in. It always amounted that I either was too late or too paranoid...I'll get this mom thing down soon hopefully. Anyway, I was trying to feed him and he got mad and hit it out of my landed across the room. I was sorting laundry and he came and sat in the middle of it, knocked over all my piles and looked very frustrated.....with his hands in the air...I picked him up. He wanted down...I put him down...he cried..... Picked him up, he wanted down...walked in the kitchen he followed crying and crying and crying. That's just a small taste of what the last two days have been like...well meanwhile Jerry and I are trying to get healthy ourselves. jerry's cough is still pretty bad...I kind of think he should go to the doctor. but he always has a gazillion things to do...and bless him, he's trying to put himself last....but it's not so good. Hopefully it will go away soon if not that we'll MAKE time. As for me....Come Tuesday I was feeling awesome...I mean...not 100 percent or I'm still a lil' congested and what lungs feel tight every now and then...but I was functionable and happy....went to work...had a descent day.....came home...Jerry was feelin pretty good too....had a nice lil' evening together....when Cohen went to bed....well.......Cohen coughed and cried and coughed and cried and coughed and cried...ALL NIGHT LONG.....I went in there to console him....he just coughed and cried....I got a total of 3 hours sleep then I had to be at work this morning. I felt like death when I got up...but I felt like I needed to get in...I only have one more sick day for the whole's only April...So I went....I felt like some one sucked the life out of me...I had forgotten to eat that morning....I was extremely sleep deprived and I forgot my inhaler at work and It just felt like I had to work harder than normal to breathe....I felt like I was just gonna open the flood gates at the drop of a hat...I HATE THAT FEELING...mainly because I have zero control. I felt like someone was trying to push me into the ground and I was tryin to resist..some half hours were better than others...but I just felt like crap. Achy body, head ache, extremely congested...I feel like I took steps way backwards in getting healthy....Finally at 11 I decided to listen to my body and go home and take a nap...I had every intention of going back to work at 1....But I had a melt down. Compelete emotional and physical melt down. I'm just so tired. With a sick family...trying to move.....having to work and feeling like if I don't we're in hour nap turned into 4 1/2 hours...I feel a little better...but I just need real time to get completely healthy.....More hours in the day...that's all I need...Is that too much to ask? Okay I'm done with my pitty party. ha ha...sorry that last couple emails have been kinda downers....I feel better when I vent....and blog is my journal :).Things will get better, I'm confident in that. I have so so SO much to be greatful for. An AMAZING hubba and baby boy, A roof over my head, food on our table, and lots and lots of love. I am the luckiest girl ever to have these trials so I can get strong and over come them and feel good about myself :). The Mosers WILL get well :)!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life Decisions

We have a whole lot goin on right now so bare with the long (pictureless-because my camera is BROKEN- grrrr) post :).

1st of all we are moving out of our apartment. It is a little sad because we have grown to really love this part of town...friendly ward, better neighborhood, close to lots of convenient things like WORK. But we will be moving in with Jerry's parents. Mainly because my hours are being a little cut back at work....(Shameless plug- GET BRACES!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT THEM!!! Dr. Griffiths and Simister are the BEST!!! I JUST GOT MINE OFF AND I LOVE THEM!!! Someday when I have a camera again I'll prove it...but until then....just know that my smile is rockin!! ha ha) Anyways with being a little cut back...and determining that if Jerry plows through school next year....we're talkin a crazy heavy schedule....not working....he can walk in the spring with just 2 summer basically by JULY he would be will be hard...but if he's not working we know he can do it. Plus my dear sweet sister in law who has been so generous and loving to watch Cohen for a whole year....well her family is growing up and therefor becoming more active and she will be unable to watch Cohen anymore. So with much prayer and discussion..we weighed all of our options...we could move to a cheaper pay check to pay check... and have nothing to move on when Jerry Graduates....Well another problem is with that I used up Most of my vacation and sick days when Cohen was in the hospital...So I can hardly get sick without feelin like we can't make Rent. I want to be a mom so bad...Jerry wants to finish school so bad so he can take over as provider...and we have always talked about leaving vegas to get a job. Jerry was born and raised here and he wants to experience something new. Plus I'm the kind of girl that gets antsy in one place for too long...but I'll stand by my man no matter what obviously :). ha ha. I enjoy change but appreciate roots. I think it might be harder for Jerry than he may think right now...being that his family is so close and everyone is right here...but I think it will be good for our little family to learn to cling to one another. Anyways,.....long tangent.....but the point is is that we realized that if we move in with his parents we'll be able to afford child care for Cohen(Thank You to a wonderful close family friend) I can feel like I can actually take care of myself when I get sick....And feel like I can be a good mom when COHEN is sick.(Which lets face it our immune systems are so rotten!!!!) We would actually be able to save so by the time Jerry graduates we will have money to start our next big adventure, job hunting. My parents are moving to Destin Florida...Google's BEAUTIFUL. Anyways, Cohen is their only grandson and they have not gotten to spend very much time watching him grow up at all...a christmas....a birthday...maybe a visit, other than that....nothing really....They offered to let us spend our in between time (meaning the time it takes Jerry to get a job.) with them. Jerry and I felt this was the perfect opportunity for them to get a good dose of their grandson, for him to really be able to search (he'll apply all over the country), gives us the chance to take the first step in moving, and it gives me time to save and be with my son and support my husband which is all I want to do. And that way we'll have spent time with his family, my family..and's where the wind takes us to continue to love and strengthen our own little growing family. So....we have to be out of our apartment come the will take some adjusting....but we are excited to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are so so so greatful for both Jerry and I's parents who are so supportive of getting us on our feet. Anyways....we're getting rid of pretty much all of our furniture except our TV and beds.....havn't decided on the coffee table yet...but everything else is'd cost more to take cross country than it would to just get new (or gently used) stuff as we become settled. We have a little praying to do in regards to when Cohen and I go to Florida...Jerry had the idea of us going in February to set myself up with a job so we have an income and a base by the time he gets out there. He's virtually going to be missing in action anyway with the kind of semester he has he figured if I go out there...he can sell my car to pay off his car....I'd come back in may to see him back to FL then he'd drive the UHAUL cross country in July...that feels like a long time to be again..we still have some searching on that matter of what is smartest and what is right and what not...we have to take into account health insurance....and several other logistical well as my hubby is my best friend...and 4-5 months seems like a lot...but is it in the grand scheme of things? especially when at least 2 or 3 of those months...Jerry just needs to hone in on one thing....with no distractions. I mean military wives go months sometimes years without seeing their men and lots of them make it work....because its the job...School is Jerry's job right now...Anyways so stay tuned with that decision...maybe it will be Feb....or March....or after he walks in may - as he continues his last two classes in the summer....I'll let ya know. whew! That was all more than what you wanted to know I'm sure...but hey this is pretty much my journal lately and it's good to get it all down.

ALL OF US ARE SICK. It started with Jerry on Monday morning...he was so bad that he felt he couldn't watch Cohen and our babysitter wasn't available till the afternoon...Jerry gets freaky when he gets doesn't happen often but when it's a lil scary sometimes...mainly because he gets these chills right? where he can't control his body from shaking...even in a hot bath. He had a fever of 102...which isn't so horrible..but his throat was killing him.....his body was super achy...and what not....couldn't talk hardly....I stayed home until it was time to take him to the babysitter.....Jerry went to class cause he was stressin...and he'd gained control of his body at least by that point...he was still certainly in no positition to go, but he had a test. That night he was in rough continued all week. Friday finally came...and I started feelin a little under the weather...not like him...but I went to work...took Cohen with me so Jerry could rest. Came home...about 3 hours later BAM hit me like a load of bricks....had a bunch of plans on Saturday...canceled them watch Cohen....and to be honest it scared me to watch him cause I was really weak...but come to my surprise (not really surprised) Cohen woke up with a fever....he was very lethargic all day....needy ...wouldn't eat....lots of coughin and mondo runny nose. So we sickies stayed home on the couch and watched conference (I also set up a blog for my parents house that they want to rent as a vacation home it's the house I grew up in) We were a pathetic bunch that's for Jerry came home (he'd been feeling better at this point and had gone to the drag races with his dad and brothers) he of course was wonderful and did all he could to help...I feel bad for him because I get pretty emotional when I'm sick....and he starts feeling frustrated if he feels like he can't make it right....but....okay Cohen's fever starts climbing...the highest it got was 103.9, did not make me feel good (being, which this may be dumb...but I'm paranoid....because when I was a baby I had a fever that got so high that it sent me into a seizure and I had spinal meningitis, at one point they'd given me 24 hours to live.....they said if i DID survive that I'd be deaf or retarded (I know its all making sense now :) anyways, after all our hospital adventures...every litttle thing makes me paranoid...maybe I need a couple more kids to calm me down so I can feel like I'm on familiar ground and know just what to do! Anyways Jerry's dad came over.....WONDERFUL man that he is, and him and Jerry gave both Cohen and I a blessing. Jerry went out an got popcicles....We managed to bring the fever down to 100 which made me feel better about him going to sleep. He was good but shot back up in the middle of the night. Jerry went and took care of him so I could sleep...In the morning Poor Jerry was so tired and Cohen had yellow snot crusted all over his nose and upper lip (I know you wanted that image) It didn't look to good...Cohen was still had a fever we tried to bring it down with medicine and what not....we watched conference which was wonderful.....probably the only time for a long time cohen will sit absolutely still for the whole two poor little buddy....towards the afternoon though he started wanting to walk around...I mean his fever didn't go down, but his demeanor was starting to that made me feel good. We gave him a luke warm bath......and fed him what he would eat (PLEASE DON'T BE DEHYDRATED!!!!) and let him play...and he fell asleep with Jerry in his room. Which brings me to now. If things havn't improved by tomorrow I'm taking him in. Kind of lucky that theres no work tomorrow...welll double edged sword I guess... Okay one last thing to blog about for those that are STILL reading...which I commend you for your long attention span. Good JoB!

Cohen is 14 Months!

If you ask Cohen where is eyes are he'll flutter his eyelashes at you! So cute!

He knows where his head is. Still workin on the nose!

Cohen loves to throw all of Jerry's video games as well as our dvd's on the's a ritual that he does at least 10 times a day. He's actually starting to LISTEN when Jerry tells him not to.....He'll be walking towards them and Jerry will say "No No Cohen---cOHEN!" and Cohen listened! He turned around with a big grin on his face. WONDERFUL...I just wish it would work when he's throwing my cell phone in the trash...

Yes....he throws EVERYTHING in the trash....If it's trash or expensive electronics, or say...a WEDDING ring! name it.

You can tell that he is trying to talk.....he will copy you....things like I say "Bub-bles" he'll say "bu-bow" or a girl at my work was calling for her son....she yelled "CAR-TER" cohen says "Caw-tuh"....I couldn't believe my ears! He's been doing it more....lately......hard to get him to repeat anything...but I know i heard it!!!

Still doing breathing treatments!

And that is the Moser family update...this book is also available on tape :)