Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny story...

So I was watching my 5 year old nephew Gage the other day. I was going to go make them some macaroni and cheese for dinner, so I told Gage to make sure Cohen didn't touch the DVD player because he'd probably turn off the movie they were watching (Hercules). He goes "Okay Aunt Shannon" I walk into the kitchen and 5 minutes later Gage yells, "Aunt Shannon!!! He's touching it!!!" I told him "Okay, just put him next to his toys" "Okay!!" about 5-10 more minutes go by and I didn't hear I went in to check on them....Cohen is sitting on the floor in front of the fire place....COVERED in ashes...all over his face, in his mouth, on his hands, all over my floor!!! I look at Gage and say "Why did you let him do that" he looked at me oober offended and said "YOU said to make sure he didn't turn off the movie....IT'S STILL ON AUNT SHANNON!!!" I thought for a second and then laughed..."Yes Gage, you did EXACTLY what I told you :). Thank you" It was hillarious. Nothing more nothing less....he did exactly as I told him. :). I should of taken a first instinct was to grab the wipes and clean him...mainly get all that stuff out of his mouth!!!!! But I'm kicking myself now. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


So...I'm noticing one day all these scratches that were appearing on my coffee table...and I just couldn't figure out where they came from.....well one day I set Cohen in the family room with a bunch of his toys and I walked in my bedroom to put something away...Cohen has had a yeast infection so the doctor told us to kind of let him "air out" before putting the diaper back on so he was playin but naked with his toys....well I walk into the room and Cohen has stood himself up holding onto the coffee table and is CHEWING on it!!! ( he is grinding his two little teeth back and forth ) WHILE POOPING ON MY FLOOR!!!!!! AAAAGHGHAGHAHGH :) Anyways. is a look at the damage.

Pretty funny stuff. Anyways, Cohen is finally getting over being got a lot worse before it got even a LITTLE better...all at once he had pink eye, a yeast infection, a cold, and an ear infection. He couldn't take the ear infection medicine with his yeast cream for some reason...and the ear medicine was hard because he couldn't eat anything 2 hours before or after he took it...which was ok in the morning but nights were hard. But again, he is a happy sicky and things are lookin much better these days. My sister Jackie came into town again so that was fun and it's lookin like my brother is coming next weekend so I'm super stoked for that. We are also getting really excited for Halloween!!!!! Here is a picture of Cohen's favorite time of day, Story time with mom and dad. :) Life is pretty good.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Try to Remember the Kind of September...."

I have been WAY lame as far as blogging is this will be a long post with many pictures and much to catch up on. I can't believe how fast September flew by. Jerry is doing amazing in school which feels so good. To think just this year and next we'll be done with school....HALLELUJIAH it CAN'T come fast enough! I recently got a new calling in our ward. I'm now the Laurel Advisor...which to those of you NOT of my faith I teach the 16 and 17 year old girls on Sundays. I taught my first lesson last week was on chastity. first sunday, talkin to girls I've never met about sex. It was awesome... :)...ha ha. It went okay. They are neat girls and I'm excited about the opportunity.

Cohen is now 8 months!!!

He continues to crack us up every day. He is becoming MOBILE!! So we are trying to find creative ways to quickly baby proof the house. He's not CRAWLING but he has got the army scoot down!

He also likes to play games when I'm trying to feed him his baby food. He's started doing this thing where he will tilt his head to one side and look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes and smile....and will not move or eat till I do it too! It's hillarious :)

If you can remember my last post he was sick last month....well the anti biotics for his ear infection ended up givin him a real bad yeast infection so we are trying to get that under control.

Kind of a special thing Jerry and I got to go to is the sealing of Sarah May Moss to her family. Her mom is Jerry's cousin and someone that has become quite dear to my heart as well being that we were able to work closely at the Orthodontists office that I work at now. They had been trying for years to have a baby, just wasn't taking...they tried invitro....not sure if I spelled that right...they pretty much tried everything you can think of. They then ended up trying to adopt...had a heart breaking experience where a mom chose another family at the last minute and didn't tell Marissa till she was at the hospital expecting to be a mom that day. Finally on Valentines day they got the call they were finally going to be parents. Sarah is beautiful. Finally after 7 months are so everything is both permanent legally and and spiritually. They were sealed in the Las VEgas temple this month and it was just so amazing to be able to witness it.

When they brought her in with the white dress and pink pacifier my heart just about beat out of my chest. Later there was refreshments and a gathering at someone's house and Cohen and Sarah were so funny to watch.

This is Marissa and Sarah...Proud Mama!

We also go to go to my niece Mia's 1 year birthday party!!! It was fun...lots of, water games and what not...and of course cake in the face!

Mia is walking now and you can tell Cohen is jealous. They are two peas in a pod.

Another wonderful thing is that my sister Jackie came out to visit me from provo.

It's the first time I had seen her since she'd come back from Africa. So it was a neat weekend. I apologize, i recognize there are few pictures ever of me...mainly Cohen and Jerry :) ha ha...I'm usually the camera obsessed one and the one that remembers to take there you have it.
Anyways we had tons of fun, went to the pool, a wedding reception and just got a lot of much needed sister time in. I miss her I wish she were closer....I wish ALL of my family were much closer together.

And finally....
I saved this for last because technically this October news....TODAY news actually. JOSH AND JODY HAD THEIR BABY!!! Madelyn Elizabeth Moser was born at 9 somethin this morning :). at 7lbs 4oz., 20 inches long, 12 days early, and lots of black hair!!! STINKIN CUTIE!!! Mom and baby are both doing well!

So that was exciting news!

Here are just a couple random cute pictures of just life in general this month!!