Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pool Time!!!

We took Cohen swimming yesterday (Memorial Day). He was too funny. Here are some pictures.

Presenting Chad and Jesse Millett!

Jerry's best friend from high school got married on Saturday and Jerry was one of the Groomsmen. It was a lot of fun, minus the rain. Sure it rains like 3 times a year and it happened to be on their wedding day! But isn't that good luck? I heard that somewhere.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Celebrating Life

Jerry's Uncle John passed away last week and we attended his funeral. It was a bitter sweet gathering. It was at the United Methodist Church and it was a very moving service. I liked how they focused on celebrating his life instead of mourning his death. Cohen was THE only baby there and we were kind of nervous because its not like mormon churches where you expect the noise of little ones....but he was sooooooo good. Jerry and I , the rest of the siblings, and one of his cousins...sang "God be with you till we meet again" it went really well. We then had the opportunity to meet for a bbq the next day at Jerry's Aunt Bobby's house.It was fun because we don't really get to see much of that side of Jerry's family. Neat to get to know them better.....Cohen had his first experience with the pool :)....a very short one because we didn't have swimmin diapers...but he sat on the steps for a little while and splashed around a little :) It was cute. This picture is from the bbq. PS- It was a very hot weekend.....startin to definitely feel like summer in Vegas....Feels like an oven!!! I don't mind though I'd rather be really hot than really cold any day!

The Pictures Are In!!!!

We got some pictures taken at JC Penny and we finally got them. Got a couple real cute ones of Cohen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My 1st Mothers Day.

Defender of baby, cleaner of spit up, wiper of bum bums!!!!!! I am SUPER----well "NEW MOM"!!!!!!! (that's your cue to applaud)
Okay I'm not that super but I like to make super hero poses with my side kick Cohen.

Sooooooooooo none of these pictures are actually from Mothers Day....I had forgotten my camera which is too bad because we had an interesting situation with Cohen happen. We all went to church with my mother in law and she had a hawaiian lay around her neck....she was holding Cohen and he started rubbing his face on the flowers....he completely broke out into hives on the whole right side of his face and into his scalp. His eye swelled almost shut....he cried and cried....it was so so sad....he was just miserable all day....it doesn't help that he likes to dig at his face....doesn't seem to matter how many times I cut this boys nails....he seems to manage to cut up his face still....so we put socks on his hands to keep him from rubbin, then we put a wet cloth on his face while he was sleepin and he woke up a little better...still real fussy...heart breaking because you know he just doesn't understand. But it got way better once he left his face alone....he woke up the next morning...completely fine....not even a trace. So I'm not sure if it was just baby sensitive skin or a real allergic reaction to the flowers...but it made for an interesting evening.
I'm so greatful to be a mother. I'm so greatful to HAVE an amazing mother. She's a champion. She's got more energy and ambition than anyone I know. I'm am who I am today because she loves me.
Mom and Me
Cohen and Me
The Circle of Life

Friday, May 9, 2008


I realize this could be slightly...I don't know...not that appropriate...but this picture was just to darn cute! Cohen Likes to shower with daddy!!! ha ha. Yay for being clean!
He wants to go back in the water I think!
Cohen LOVES the water and more specifically the shower. At first he's not quite sure when he first feels the pelting water against him...but after that look of uncertainty we get big smiles :). He's sure a fun little guy. Getting so big!!! He's talking to us much more...loves the sound of his own voice!
And they are out!!!!