Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Moving On...

Jerry's job was relocating to Orlando.  We were going too.  We put an offer on a house and everything.   Things just kept not working out and it gave us anxiety every time we even THOUGHT about going there.  We made a decision to stay.  Jerry worked for a little while in Niceville for the company but eventually they wanted us to "Fish or cut bate"  so we cut bate on a whim because it just felt wrong.  Jerry and I worked together at a Seafood Restaurant in Destin for a few months and he ended up getting offered a job with Yellow book in Niceville.  Two days before he was to leave for training for that job, we got a call from YELP in Scottsdale AZ.  Offering more money, better benefits, closer to family and puts us in a place where Jerry could go back to school to get his masters.  We took it and 1 month later we moved.  The day we moved it felt likethe whole ward came out to help.  The truck was was packed and our place clean in 2 hours.  We are overwhelmed at the love our ward has in so much abundance.  It was with very very heavy hearts that we left Niceville.  We will miss our friends, THE BEACH, the weather (Rain and sun), the green, my mom , sister and niece  and our ward family.  We have been so so so blessed.  I won't lie, sometimes I wish it wasn't so right for us to leave...I want to stay so bad!!!!!..But after much prayer... I will trust that Heavenly Father knows our way better than we do.  AZ will be great.....but  DANG :)  Here are a few pics of our life with our Niceville pals!

Thanks for the memories, we will miss you!

4th of July- 2012

Okay so I got my posts a little out of order, 4th of July came before Brinley's birthday :), ugh that is what I get for waiting 6 months to catch up on everything!  NEVER AGAIN!  4th of July was super rainy but SUPER fun.  We hung out at Lions park with the Vanderwalkers despite the weather and took out the Kayaks out in the bay.  It was really fun.  After that we went home to get dry and met up again for the fireworks which WERE not rained out. YES! Cohen cried the whole time....he is not so into the loud noises and has always been afraid of fireworks. time we were watching the Thursday night fireworks in Destin and Cohen was having a melt down because of it....I was holding him close and he started saying "Heavenly Father- thank you for hot dogs, thank you for dolphins, thank you for.....etc. etc. etc."  We had talked about praying when your scared and he certainly took the message to heart.  So cute :).  Anyway We had a good time despite the inclimate weather!  YOu only live once right?