Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kid Update

I'll do the boy first :). Cohen is a very rambunctious little boy at the present time. He is still a cuddly sweetie,just mixed with some very Dennis the Menice tendencies :). 3 is hard. Let me give you some examples.

*A few weeks ago, he flushed Jesse (from toy story) down our toilet....it got stuck in the pipes, and water started spurting out from the base of the toilet....it flooded our bathroom, then spread to our hallway.

*Just last week I couldn't find my phone anywhere, I tore my place up for 2 hours. I looked to Cohen "Cohen, do you know where mommy's phone is?" he says "Where mommy's phone is?" then would laugh and run away....He does that often, we ask a question and instead of answering, he copies the question, so I didn't really think he knew where it was. Well I sat down to the computer and started chatting with my brother on facebook (telling him to call Jerry and let him know I couldn't find my phone and what not.) well, Cohen comes in and says "Mommy, go bye bye?" I said "We can't go bye bye Cohen because I can't find my phone...go get it" (I mainly said that to buy me some time to finish my conversation...I didn't really think he knew where it was....well 30 seconds later he walks in with my phone in his hand saying "Go bye bye?" THAT LITTLE BOOGER watched me tear up this house for 2 hours....I STILL don't know where his hiding place is, I felt like I searched every inch of the place....obviously not :). He' just smiled his cheeky little smile, and how can you be mad.? I laughed and he laughed......and then we went bye bye :).

Time out- seems to be a place we have to visit often, throwing EVERYTHING in the house either in the bay , or at the fan, or towards his sister or the tv. whether its torturing his sister (Which she actually likes for the first 5 minutes, then he becomes to rough) or still throwing his food all over the kitchen....or the tantrums....lol...again....3 is hard :), harder than 2 in his case, but he has his moments that also make it completely worth it. I'll give you some of those examples too , just in case you single readers need reasons to have kids lol.

*He loves to "dance", my mom and my sisters (and the kids) went out to eat the other night and we were walking to the car, and we heard music playing next door, this guy was singing and playing guitar, Cohen ran up front and center and started "Dancing" ok, by dancing I mean he likes to run in circles to music :). He continued to try and get everyone else to join him. He is just fun. He does that at the end of movies too when the music starts playing for the credits. LOVES IT.

*He loves to make his sister laugh. Sometimes so much that she ends up crying in his attempts :)

*He loves to snuggle with his mama. After his nap is "Cohen and Mommy time" where he gets my undivided attention and he just snuggles on my lap. Brinley woke up during that time once....and Cohen was not having it. :) He said..."MOM! Put Binley down!!!!" and I do, because it's his time. :)

*He has gone through a few phases during Story time...he used to love it, then he hated it, because he knew he had to go to bed after, but now he loves it again, but only when we read one of five books, and they are......Go Dog Go., Dr. Seuss's ABC's, (Those are the-If I don't get to read then I'll throw a tantrum-MUST reads),The Hungry Catapillar, Elmer plays Hide and Seek, and Love you Forever. Sometimes Elmo is ok too. But he pretty much has all of these books completely memorized. I looked in on him one day when he was supposed to be "napping" and he was "reading" Go dog Go to his stuffed Buzz Light Year. It's cute.

* His favorite movies right now are "Frog" (He calls it frog, it's really The Leap Frog Series, Letter and Talking Words Factory) Ice Age, Thomas the Train, and of course the big one......TOY STORY ( 1 and 2 that is, 3 scares him because of that freaky monkey.) (Veggietales, Cars, and Bugslife are yesterday.....Elmo, is last week! He's growing up too fast :(. EVERY now and then he'll want to re-visit one of these though)

*He loves to play at the park and to "See Friends" and LOVES to play with Daddy.

*He has got his letters and their sounds down pat. Working on Colors...WHICH brings me to another cute thing...

*We were dying Easter Eggs at my moms house on Easter and he pointed to a blue one and he said "Blue" and then "Green" and then Pink.....THEN he pointed to an orange yellowish redish one and I asked him what color that was and his said "GRANDMA!!!" lol. My mom's hair was the color of the egg. It was so funny. :) He kept doing it too...all the other eggs had color names and that one was Grandma.

*My parents got him a T-Ball set for his Birthday a couple months ago, and boy does he like to play baseball. He has to play it every day...he has a little basketball hoop in the back yard and that is a close second :). Although he does love to throw his football at the beach...or to throw it in the water so the waves will bring it back to him. :) Then again...he likes to throw any and EVERYTHING in the water....One of the more frustrating habits.

Now the GIRL! Brinley is 8 Months:

She is little miss personality.

She finally has 2 teeth , she loves bath time with her brother, and she loves to be entertained. I am beginning to wean her so she is both formula fed and nursed at the present time. My goal is to have her done by May. She loves Cheerios and attention :). When she is a little grouchy and needs such attention, she will follow me around the house pathetically fussin for it :), If she's hungry it's not as much of a fuss as it is a demand. She is also starting to stand herself up. Her and her cousin La Rae get so excited when they first see each other in the mornings (I watch La Rae 3 times a week). She really likes the beach.....something about the handfuls of sand that tastes so good. :) I've said this before but I have yet to find a baby food she doesn't eat and goble up. She's not as much of a cuddler as Cohen was and is....When you are holding her (Unless you are FEEDING her) she is all curiosity and play. There is no resting snuggle :) which is okay :).

All in all both Cohen and Brinley are doing wonderfully, I couldn't have hoped for better kids. My heart is so full and I count myself so blessed to be trusted with them.