Monday, February 28, 2011

Cohen is 3!

Oh my my, my little boy is growing up way way WAY to fast. Here are a couple of priceless moments mixed with some pictures of his birthday party with Grandma and Grandpa Skinner as well as Aunt Dani and LaRae.

Cohen was in the kitchen putting the chair up to the counter, so as to reach his "potty treats", I walked in and said "COOOOOOHEN????" he looked at me and said..."Just turn around mom". :)

My sister in law Jody nailed it on the head when she said that he is an orange on a toothpick! lol
Another day we just put Cohen down for a nap, and Jerry was about to close the door but saw something adorable and told me to come take a look, I watched my sweet little boy talking to his Thomas the Train, he gave it a kiss and then tucked it in right next to him. I thought...AWEE he is the cutest kid in the world, I am so lucky, I then walked into the bathroom and found my wedding picture in the toilet.

A couple days later he took a ball point pen to my TAN microfiber couch...., followed by putting my wedding ring inside the couch (there is a hole behind the cushion where he likes to put all of our treasures.) It took me two weeks to find it :). lol. I still think he is the cutest kid in the world and i AM lucky...but shoot.....3 is hard! lol.

A run down of milestones:

I would love to add potty training to this list....and we were doing really well for like a week....and well...he's back to not caring....that is unless it is bed time (when he uses it to stay up for an extra half hour). However he has stopped taking off his clothes and pooping on the floor....yes we went through that every day, twice a day, for 2 weeks. and not just pooping, but then playing in it and getting it all over his clothes and toys (he would only do it at nap or bedtime...AFTER he sat on the potty for 45 minutes. He didn't go a DROP in his diapers so it was NOT an accident) I finally started getting fed up and started giving him cold baths to clean him up. I know it sounds mean, but It only took two and he stopped....sometimes he will tell us and it is very exciting, and sometimes he'll go in his pull-up...but he is NOT going on the floor, I count THAT as a small success I guess. :) baby steps.

He is still such a lover. Loves to snuggle and any hurt feelings or tantrums or scraped knee is cured with 5 minutes of being hugged and loved.

He is quite the negotiater these days the other day he came up and said " buzz?(toy story)"

I said Cohen "You already watched a movie today lets go outside and play." He then returned to the movie shelf and picked out 2 different movies and said "mom, wich one? You pick!" :) He's hillarious.

He knows his abc's (has for awhile) but he can also recognize the letters by looking at them now. He also knows all the letter sounds as well.

He gets very very giggly and silly when he is tired.

We think he has an imaginary friend. He'll be in his bedroom by himself and then just start LAUGHING...and then we hear a bunch of toddler babble....we go in and he is staring at the ceiling in bed. It's weird. :)

All in all Cohen is a love bug disguised as Dennis the Menice who loves to laugh and play. He is stubborn and cheeky at times but one look at those big blue curious eyes you can't help but love him...... And I DO love him so so very much.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brinley is 6 Months

Oh how time flies. Brinley is just a little bundle of pure joy. She is sitting up now...loves to smile, laugh, roll over...and is even doing some scooting. You can definitely see the seeds of her personality, she is funny, bossy, and very curious. She loves to smile and to make YOU smile! The constant spitting up has yet to she is going through 3 or 4 soaked outfits a day. As am I. She is eating solids now and she LOVES to eat....cohen always pulled faces with something new....she just gobbles down anything you put in front of her. Even the veggies. I don't know how she is so big considering she spends the next hour spitting everything up!!!! I won't be sad when she stops that, I won't lie. I watch my neice LaRae 3 times a week and these two little chickadees love to play, they are starting to interact now, it is adorable.

She loves to bounce in her jumper and loves it when all eyes are on her. She has an infectious smile and her head seemes to be turned toward her dad whenever he is in the room. We have had some struggles with a rash on her neck (mainly because she's chubby, and therefore doesn't HAVE much of a neck)......the constant spit up and drool and the fact that no air gets to's been a struggle to keep that under control. I feel bad for her. You can tell it irritates her. When we put her down to bed she likes to wedge her self into a corner of the crib, I have no idea doesn't seem that comfortable...but every morning without fail, her head is crammed up against it. And she is as peaceful as can be :)