Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My 2 year old...Can't even believe it!

This blog is a couple weeks late, Cohen's 2nd birthday has come and gone and I get some of the sniffles about it :). Here are some things of late, the pictures mixed in between are from his birthday party. It was supposed to be at the park but one of the 3 times a year that it actually rains in this city just happened to be on that day, so we moved it into the gym of the church!!! The highlight of the party was definitely the the puppet show that Jerry put on with Elmo (Cohen LOVES Elmo) and Cookie Monster! The kids went nuts!!!

Anyway, here is the run down of life with Cohen:

Cohen likes to brush his teeth more than any kid I've ever met. All day long..."Mom! Toof brus?"

He LOVES to talk on the phone and is getting pretty good at it. You can't help but smile when your watchin' him or get the excitement of being the other end.

We bought a little bowling set (plastic pins and a mini ball) for his birthday party, and he is OBSESSED with them. He LOVES to make them fall down...or to use them as baseball bats, or name it....He does not get tired of them.

He's a copy cat.....He here's my neices and nephews call me "Aunt Shannon" so he does...he hears Jerry call me "Baby" so he does.....But when he is not under peer is "Mommie" He calls Jerry either "Daddy" or "Honey" (Cause he hears me call him that....It's funny.

He can count to 13 with help and 10 by himself.

He knows his ABC's (though he gets tripped up at HIJK)

He loves to sing....Jerry and I sing him primary songs after his story before bed time every night and he is starting to sing along!!!! It's adorable.

He is talking a lot more and putting a few words together as opposed to just one. Like "Show me" "This is Phone...or this is sock...or this is book..." He likes to educate you on what everything is in the room.

He is such a lover. He loves to kiss....It's cute for now :) but we may have to have that talk on who it's appropriate to kiss and how.....My neice Ashley came to church with us and she is 8 and Cohen LOVES her...and he wouldn't stop trying to kiss her on the lips, on the ear, all over her face over and over again, Jerry was like uh huh. He loves to kiss his cousin Madelyn who is like 18 months or something. And I went to pick him up at the babysitter's house and her husband was like caught our sons kissing today!!! lol! (they are only 2 and Again it's cute when they are little but when do you say you don't have to kiss EVERYONE!!?!??! :) lol. He's a tender boy, I want him to stop growing RIGHT NOW!!!!

He is a show off, I take him to work with me on Friday's and whenever someone comes in especially girls.....there's like a switch that goes off...he is such a flirt (probably gonna have to lock him in the closet during the teenage yearS!!!!!) but the whole time they are there...its' "Look what I can do!" time.

He loves to dance....we took him to a wedding recently and they had dancing...cohen did not want us to hold him and merely twirl around, no he wanted to be on the floor in the middle of the dance floor in the middle of all the grown ups, showing them how it is done!!!!He danced and danced.....there was one point that he was in the middle of a circle doing it while everyone cheered and he was slidin on his knees, and raisin' the roof and twistin' and turnin' and laughin' was ADORABLE.

He's obsessed with my stomach since I've been trying to tell him there's a baby in there.....he puts his ear up to it....and then kisses it...and pats it and says "hi baby" I would love to know how he is really processing that information :).

He loves the park

And loves to be with other kids, whether it is nursery, at his babysitters , his friends or his cousins.....he is a social butterfly.

He runs to the door everytime it rings always saying "Susan?!?!?" (Susan is Jerry's aunt that lives up the street, so no matter who it is he thinks the door bell means Aunt Susan is coming.)

When he wakes up in the morning he drinks his sippy cup full of milk in bed with us then when he's done, he goes and makes sure Grandma and Grandpa are ready to entertain him :). He loves to be in the bathroom with Grandma Moser while she gets ready for work. Oh he has finally learned to say Grandma and Grandpa.....well actually it's more like Ga-maaa and Ga-paaa :) but we will take it!

I was holding him while he was drinking his milk one day at the computer, and going through pictures and we came across one of my parents (who at the moment we don't live around so Cohen doesn't see them as often) and , I didn't even think he was paying attention but he took his sippy out of his mouth and said..."Hi G-Maaaa , Hi G-Paaaaa" It almost made me cry!!! Silly maybe....but again, we live with Jerry's parents right now and i just figured that's proabably what he associates with the word and remembers....but nope he new exactly who Grandma and Grandpa Skinner were! :) it made me happy.

He's definitely a lot more independent these days...a little more (okay a lot more) vocal about what he wants and doesn't want....We see him testing our rules everyday....He loves to climb, which has given us some frustration....we turn our head for one minute he's on the bathroom counter, or the kitchen table or on the trash can trying to reach the phone.....etc. etc. The other day he was playing with his cars and he dropped one and he said "CO-hen!!!!!!" The same way we do when he's in was hillarious.

Anyways if your still reading....that's impressive!!! But I love this little guy, we can't wait to find out if he is going to be a Big Brother of a girl or a boy :) we'd be stoked for either. We sure do love being his mommie and daddie!