Thursday, October 8, 2009

Labor Day Camping Trip!

We went camping on Labor Day and boy was it chilly and so so fun! We found creative ways to keep Cohen Warm, and he LOVED being outside so much. He was passed out the whole way there and when we got out of the car he was the energizer bunny! He was very good at staying away from the fire....he always looked at us and said "HOT", as if HE was reminding US to not touch! He was so dirty at the end of every day which is as it should be... We went fishing...ate smore's and enjoyed some much needed nature relaxin'....and Cohen chasin of course :).

Cohen is also now 20 Months!!!
His new phrase is "OH NO!"
He is obsessed with his spider man slippers. He follows me around the house wanting me to put them on.
He LOVES sesame street. I think I may have said that before.
He likes to kiss me on the forehead so he'll hear me say "AWWWWWWWE" Then he giggles and does it again....and again....and AGAIN :).
He is fascinated with buckles...whether it be on his high chair, stroller, or carseat...He could sit there forever figuring out how to buckle them.
He loves to laugh and dance.
We just bought him a book called "I am a child of god" and he has learned which picture has Jesus or how he would say it "eh-sus" It's cute.