Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm FINALLY getting around to updating my blog about our Destin,Florida trip!..We were there August 13-23rd. And it was WONDERFUL!!! It was SO hard to come back. My parents live there now and they are a hop skip and a jump literally from the bay. And then 8-10 minutes from the most beautiful white sand beaches ever. Anyways this will be a big picture one I had a TON of pictures but don't worry I'm just picking out the highlights!

The first couple days there was talk of a Hurricane....NO BUENO!!!! :) But we got a tropical storm instead and the Hurricane missed THANK GOODNESS!!!lol.

SO we spent our fair share of time at the beach.

With the alligators.... On the Boat...

Kayaking....The Sunset from the golf cart...

Playing "tourist" in Seaside! (This is the town that The Truman Show was filmed)

Watching dolphins from our jet ski's

Playing with the family

Floating down Turkey Creek

Enjoyed the amazing scenery
It was amazing and so hard to leave. We are so stoked that it will be our home for at LEAST a little while...Hopefully Jerry will be able to find a job there. We'll see :) Stay tuned.

Cohen is also now 19 months.

He is all smiles and just a joy. He certainly didn't hurt for attention from the Skinner Family that is for sure. He's finally starting to say the word please....before he just signed it all the time...it was like the only word he wouldn't TRY to use.

He loves to be outside.

He is starting to show some signs of that supposed "Terrible two's" mainly tantrums when he doesn't get exactly what he wants. But they are few and far between.

He's pretty accident prone...he cut his head open a couple hours before our flight home from FL....he had gotten on a park bench and right when I saw him , he lost his footing hit his head on the corner of the bench followed by slamming the back of his head on the pavement. This is the bench....

IT was so scary because there was so much blood. NO BUENO!! We concerned about a cuncussion but he's fine...

He loved playing in the back yard with my mom they made up a game that consisted of throwing golf balls at a wind chime. He loved it.

His favorite snack is fruit snacks for sure. He gets so excited just to see the wrapper.

His favortie toy by far is any kind of Ball. He loves to throw it, roll it, or just keep it tucked under his arm. Jerry is very proud, being that he has high hopes for sports!! lol :). He still runs on his toes so his calves are crazy for such a little guy!! Very defined.