Monday, March 9, 2009

13 Months

He only LOOKS innocent!!!!

You'd never think that sweet little face would be into absolutely EVERYTHING :). Here are a few milestones!

Cohen loves to throw his food on the ground when he is finished eating....whatever food he doesn't want along with his plate.

He is walking like crazy...I mean he took his first steps a month ago...but it was like pulling teeth to get him to do it, and he really would only walk a couple feet to either me or Jerry...but since Sunday....He is relishing his new found perspective on life!

We have officially weaned him from the bottle....he has taken to his new cup pretty's just that he doesn't want to drink as much it seems...which leaves me a little paranoid at times...ya know...considering my kid was dehydrated last month while in the hospital.

He loves to chase and be chased!

He has gotten 2 more teeth make 6 total. That toothy grin melts my heart.It's annoying because he smiles constantly and yet to get an actual picture of him doing it these days is impossible!!! He gets too interested in the camera and the flash...that he just won't do it :) but trust me it is there and trust me,it makes you putty in his hands!

He has been such a cuddle bug lately...always wanting to rest on moms shoulder...I LOVE IT.

He has upgraded to a knew car seat and absolutely LOVES his new ride! He loves sitting face forward

Is giving kisses on request :). It's sweet...but if he won't give you a real kiss he'll blow you one.

He likes to bang his hand on his chest like he's "King of the Jungle" :). Loves rolling his hands to "Wheels on the Bus"....and is starting to wave bye bye with some encouragement...

He's an accident waiting to happen...with his new found walking skills that is...between the black eye last week and falling head first on the corner of the's never a dull moment. Poor kid. But he's tough...he cries for a minute then brushes himself off and he's off again!

He loves to have long conversations with mom and dad...he has much to say....I just wish we knew WHAT he was saying :) ha ha. It's cute to watch him try.

He has a couple "buddies" His cousin Mia of course, his friend from church Judson, and it looks like in this picture he's puttin the moves on Little Maddie! (Her mom works in the orthodontic office that I work at) He certainly is a mondo flirt.

All in all things are getting interesting, and I am absolutely loving every second. He's so full of light and life and love, and I just thank my lucky stars every night that I was chosen to be his mama.